Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Tokyo

Some of you guys have heard and seen the photos of "HT 10th Anni. Exhibition in Tokyo", right?

I know you guys were so pumped-up about the new license that HT got and even I, myself, PUMPED-FUCKING-UP about the "METAL GEAR SOLID" figures! OMGWTFBBQ, I need to find myself a DOZEN of DIAZEPAMS!

So anyways, I saw their photos and I was really excited seeing new figures been made, but there's only one thing that disappoints me, is the Cyborg Ninja Gray Fox from MGS1. They re-used some Iron Man parts to  his body, but I think that it was just a prototype and it's not the final product, so I'm guessing that it's just for display and not sale, perhaps.

Here's the picture of the Cyborg Ninja Gray Fox from MGS1:-

See what I mean? It's not that great, but like I said, maybe it's their "prototype", not THE final product. I'm was hoping that they're going to make the figures from ALL THE CHARACTERS from the series, 'cause I wanna grab 'em first before anyone else since I "LOVE" Metal Gear Solid SO MUCH that I even cry myself to tears listening to "The Best is Yet to Come" from the MGS OST. Really love that song. T_T

And that's all for the post, and enjoy the pictures below. See ya! ;)

Credits goes to for the pictures.