My 2 Cosplays

Yesterday, I bought myself a black-hockey mask from "Little M" and a Ninja-Fox mask from Chong Hock. (I actually bought a mask a month ago.)
Then, when I saw those masks, I decided to do some new cosplay of mine. There's 2 costumes that I'm going to cosplay:-

1.) The "Akatsuki" Costume, and
2.) A psycho-killer, Jason-lookalike. (Yes, Jason-lookalike. It's different version of mine. :P )

And here's the images:-



Those are the one's I made myself. I'm actually want to make a movie about the Akatsuki and the psycho-killer, but I'm kinda busy and I can't make it myself. I need a group of friends to make one movie. It's not easy to make a movie, you know.

And YES, I have a long hair. It's not a wig. It's REAL. A REAL HAIR, I say. And I'm also a little bit fat, but a little bit thin, too.

A Lolita costume seems cute, but....

Yeah, we all boys know that if girls using a Lolita (or Gothic Lolita) costume, they look cute on it.
But when it comes to guys.....EWWW!!!! That's disgusting!

I still remember 3 months ago. I was at the Mall that time, and then I saw one Visual Kei group walking in the Mall. Suddenly, I saw a woman wearing a Lolita costume in that group, but white.
I was like, "Holy shit! That chick's hot!" And then I went up to her and say, "Wow. You're pretty cute wearing those." "Thank you," she replied.

Then, she asked me if I wanna peep her little pants and I was like, "Hell yeah! There's no one here. It's only you and your friends, so it's okay." I just peeped her little underskirt and say, "Oh, what a cute pants they are!" She chuckles.

Then, she ask me to touch her pants all of a sudden and I was like, "What? No!" But I can't stand anymore that I just AUTOMATICALLY kissed her! I just hugged her and smell her scent and I was like, "Mmm... what a nice scent you have....".

Her ass was nice, soft and warm. I just kissed her neck.


I was kinda, ALMOST, having sex with 'her' when suddenly I grabbed one of his balls, especially my right hand. After I holding it, I just paused for 8 seconds, staring at his friends, chuckling all together, and I was like, feeling terrifying, and RUN!

I was at my friend's car when he's asking me what happen. I was sobbing and crying that I lost virginity by kissing a guy that it looks like a Japanese girl. And he was like this:-


So I tell him that if I go inside the Mall, make sure he MUST follow me wherever I go so that, if there's anything happens to me, he can pull me back and punch someone's face.

DAMN IT!! I just kissed a guy that it looks like a girl!!

And it reminds me of THIS:-

That guy at the Mall is almost like this, just that he wears white socks.
*pukes a lot*
I swear that if I met that kinda guy that it looks like a girl, I'll punch his face FOR A GOOD!

NANA -ナナ- Mini CD Collection Keychains

***UPDATE*** 14/2/2013:-
The keychains are now sold.

No, not real CD. It's just a keychains. The keychains are very cute and beautiful, especially the designs. In every mini CD Cover, there's also a different patterns. There's a "love", "strawberry", and some of the patterns that is suit to the young teenagers. Here are some of the images:-

"1 set of NANA Mini CD Collection"

"1 set of NANA Mini CD Collection" with a Mini CD outside.

The size and the shape of NANA Mini CD is as same as 20¢ Brunei.

Nice shot, isn't it? Heheheh....

Complete with the "side cover" that is similar to the REAL Audio CDs.

From Vol. 1 to Vol. 7.

Wow. I didn't realize that it can be arranged like a REAL Audio CDs.

Top view of  "1 set of NANA Mini CD Collection".

Detailed "NANA" Logo.

It comes with the small plastic bags as the image above. I think I bought this for 1 set cost me B$25. Damn, $25? That's expensive. But if you're interested about the Mini CD Collection, I can sell it to you. The price for 1 set is $23. So, if you interested in this Mini CD Collection, you can leave a message at:-

Or just send an SMS to:- +6737124856.

In the next post, I'm going to show you the INSIDE of Chong Hock Kiulap. (Even though you already know what's the inside of the shop, though...)


We need support from all of you!

BSB Anime & Gundam Club

A volunteer and enthusiast kind of club, open to all who love anime, toys, action figures, any other merchandising or collectibles items from anime, movie or comics and manga.

Mission & Activities:

- To encourage our youth to be more active into healthy activities like hobby kits modeling related activities and thus preventing them from the time wasting and dangerous activities like drugs.

- To foster harmony and unity amongst members of the club

- To promote original new and old products from anime, drama, movie etc.

- To help develop members in their skills and knowledge about hobby kits modeling.

- To organize a hobby/collectors exhibition in anywhere possible – say like in the SOAS school fair

- To organize hobby kits competition amongst members and/or to public

- To start a bog scale diorama projects for display/exhibitions - and hopefully for sale...


No joining fees or annual membership fees suggested at the moment as this is basically a volunteer and enthusiast kind of club but if in the case where we planned to organize some activities, members shall willing to donate some minimal amount - depending on the members headcount – a suggested amount of B$10.00 should be reasonable.

Promotion through blog/website;

 Shewsbury Land will surely help to do the news/media coverage for this club however any other member/non-members can also do the same as this will help to spread the news faster.

Retail outlets participation;

First and foremost, this doesn’t mean that we ask money from the retail outlets or ask them to blindly sponsor 1 or 2 items as a free gift. What we need is more into co-operation and their networks. We have to also understand that the shop are doing business to get profit, so if we want them to get involved we must also help them on how to boost their sales. There is no such thing as free lunch.

It would be a good idea if we can ask some of the hobby/toys outlets in BSB or any other place in Brunei (
Chong Hock, Kawan Ria etc.) to also be our sponsor or even better get involved as partner as we will help them do the advertising for them and on the other hand we can encourage our members to buy products from them.

For example; we always see that in The Mall – they always have this PC Fair or whatever fair down there at the Ground Floor – and most of the times it is the IT products (computer, laptops, accessories etc.) who become the attention grabber.

So with the participation of these retail outlets (
Chong Hock, Kawan Ria etc.) – they can help us to talk with The Mall management to organize some sort of TOY FAIR or TOY FESTIVAL on that Ground Floor at The Mall so they can take this opportunity to promote their shop and products and the member of Gundam & Anime Club can also participate by exhibiting their collections or special projects to the public and this also can be a good time for those “Cosplay” thing.

We can also arrange some activities for kids (of the public) like drawing competition or whatever fun games we can think of but for them (kid of the public) to participate, they must buy something from our retail partners.

As for the cost of such events, I believe it is only fair if we all share the burden together – the members of the club and the retail outlets and any other outlets that willing to participate in the event. So we also need to invite many other retail outlets or shops to participate in this event so that we can share the cost.

And if The Mall would cost so much for the event – then probably we can try to find other alternative locations such as Qlap Mall or Yayasan or maybe PGGMB Building but surely The Mall is the main location that we can easily get the crowd.


It would be great if we can get some rich man or company to be our sponsors but since we are just an enthusiast open club we are not registered with the relevant authorities and therefore it is impossible to get such sponsorship – unless of course if we are very lucky to somehow get someone generous who is willing to fund our activities and projects.

So basically at the moment this club will be funded by the members and in fact we only need those funds when we really will have activities and/or project.


Any Comments & Suggestions please mail to: