"There's a haters on my video..."

Note:- This is a post from my Facebook regarding about those douche bags who leave the comments on my teaser video and relates to my previous post.

Just one thing I need from people is don't disturb me or mind their own business instead of others because I'm not that kinda type who wants to be a nosy guy. But seeing as there's a haters on my video, maybe I should do what I'm suppose to do.
And that video, I meant my teaser video. Sigh... Why, oh why do I always getting disturbed on what I did... And then they judging my video before the project is done.

I didn't judge theirs. I didn't even ask them to take down the video they make. I didn't threatening them to take down the video just because I hate it. I don't care, that's all. What they do with their video is their business, why should I care? Their videos is their videos, whatever they wanna do in that video is their problem.

But they already stepping into my "property" and then saying things that's not even in the fucking teaser video. If I wanna go and make this a serious matter, then how about watching OPPA BRUNEI STYLE video instead of judging mine. They're REAL PEOPLE, they're in FLESH AND BLOOD, they ZOOMED IN on a MAN'S ASS, a lady that shows her skin and then a Brunei flag at the end. Oh, and a PELVIC THRUSTING too.

Me? It's just a 3D animation video with people dancing around like crazy on half of the song. The flag? It's just there, sticking on a wall, static, no movements at all. You know, I wouldn't have add that "SENSITIVE" sign board if you guys didn't leave such comments on my teaser video and everything would be better. But ever since you and the other guy leaves that comment, I guess I'll add it in my video to add a bit of spice on it. It wouldn't be like this if you hadn't coming on to my video and saying shit about it till you want me to take down my video.

My question is; who the fuck are you trying to threat me to take down my video? This ain't yours to do everything you want. Also, since when do I go on to your video and then threatening you to take down the video? Did I even do that? So much that I remember, I don't think I do. So you should STOP minding people's business and ask your dumb friend to mind his own business instead of leaving threat comments.

Remember; if I ever see you disturbing one more time, I'll go even further and it relates your job. Don't disturb me, you fucking understand? I don't give a shit if you try to apologize me, just one thing from me; DO NOT FUCKING DISTURB ME. That same goes to your friend as well. That's all I ever asked.

An "Incident" Happened and Haters Gonna Hate. ;)

Hey there, guys! This is me again and like usual, came back to make a post after a few months of not doing anything on the blog except Facebook which I'm kind of addicted to it. LOL!

Anyways, there have been an... "incident" on FB lately and it happened around 4 months ago and here's how the story goes...

2 months before that "incident" happened which is around February, I made a new 3D animation project called "Harlem Shake" because of how famous Harlem Shake videos at that time. So I watch a couple of HS videos as a reference on how the video starts and how the video ends.

It was pretty simple; make one of the person dance to the music while the others just do their stuff and on the half of the song, make everyone dance to the music until near the end where everything goes slow-mo. But the hardest thing in 3D is creating the animations on each models so it wasn't easy as I expected and takes a lot of patience to do so.

And after I done implanting the animations to the models which I rigged them by myself (except Ventus) around March which that's the month where that "incident" happened, I uploaded a 15-second teaser video on Facebook WHICH (too many "which-es" here. LOL!) you can watch it here below:-

...and that's where the whole "incident" started; 2 dumb fuckers come on to my video and leave such threat comments. Nope, not a critic. Just a simple threat comments. Here's how the comment goes...

Yep, that's them. That's their name right over there. 2 douche bags who tries to threat me to take my video down. Mm-hmm, that's them right there.

Oh, BTW, in case you can't understand what this Nabil  douche fuck says, let me translate it for you:-

"Serious kh flag brunei a?"
Translated:- Are you serious, about that Brunei flag?

"Jangan kmu. Brunei ni sensitive sikit mun benda cani plus ada brunei flag g d sana..."
Translated:- Don't you guys even dare. Brunei is a little sensitive when it comes to this kinda thing. And there's even a Brunei flag, too.

There you go. Translating done. :)

Alright, let's go to the comments section, shall weh?

Okay, as you can see from here, there's my comments, my friend's comments and those fucker's comments too. Let's just say they're dumb fuckers, so to speak. Here's how it happens outside of FB when I type and read the comments...

When my friend leave a comment and says that she wants to see Snake's pelvic thrusting, I laughed a little because she really love to see Snake doing pelvic thrusting and I thought like, "Hmm, pelvic thrusting... I think it's a good idea for a separate animation project" so I replied and I joked when I say "Just wait for the half of the video" but my thoughts are like, "I don't think I'm gonna add it here 'cause it looks kinda awkward with a Brunei flag on the background" so I take that idea and put on a different animation project, which you can watch it here:-

And then here comes the douche bag #1; Nabil Sam, leaving a question comment about a Brunei flag.
My friend, which is a girl BTW, replied his comments, mention the video that's made in Brunei which is I LOL'd a bit.

And then again, here comes the douche bag #2; Angelus Zulhazmi Zainal, who actually THINKS that there's gonna be a pelvic thrusting in the video.

So I replied his comment and I say this is not my idea, but it was my friend's.

But him, being too typical about everything, goes saying something like this:-


And my reaction was like this:-

Whoaw, now that's a harsh one. LOL!

And then here comes douche bag #2, supporting on what douche bag #1 do and say (and vice-versa IRL), leaving a comment that made my face goes like this:-

...Yep, my reaction in real life.

Then my friend tries to calm the douche bags down which I thought it's not really working on them because they're still discussing about that "pelvic thrusting" and that is, douche bag #2 starts to threat me to take the video down by saying:-

"I'm sorry but please take this out right away."

^This comment, just made my face goes like this...

...What the fuck, man.

What's up with your minds, dudes? Have you guys already take your medications lately? You should have a check up with your doctors pretty soon because I think you guys have a brain damage. Oh, and I LOL'D when you say to take the video down. I'm laughing so hard because this is like YouTube all over again with a bunch of negative comments on one particular video. LMFAO!

So anyways, going back to the topic.

My friend, who I think she feels the heat, replying Zulhazmi's comment and he seems accepting... a bit. Not long after that, he posted a Harlem Shake reaction video which I already watched that before he even posted and I'm like...

Ugh... Dumb fuckers will never learn... >_>

But then, there's someone who actually lives in United States, telling all the fact points about the video and telling him that he's a JACKASS WHO'S OFFENDED BY SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS THE FLAG HE WANTS TO DEFEND.

And again, with his last dumb question, he asked this...

Even with pelvic thrusting?

^Again, with the pelvic thrusting thing. You know, I don't really get it why he's still stuck on that "pelvic thrusting" shit. If he hates it so much, why not just go and boycott and tell everybody you hate it and see if they care. He always stuck on his mind on a fucking pelvic thrusting and I completely have no idea why he's still thinking about it while me and the others already explained about it. But you know these douche bags, they never understand a single word because these guys are DUMB. They are really DUMB. (Fo' real~...)

So the next comment would be the guy who lives in States, answering his question and Zulhazmi, feeling a bit heat, I assume, leaving only a simple 2 words comment... "I see".

I don't know until this day if they really understand or they just ignoring them because they're a bunch of dumb fuckers who doesn't like people do what they always do. But heck, that's what they really are and that's who they really are. Just your typical dumb people who wants to boss around even though the stuff is yours, but they treat it as if it's theirs. And they minding my business at first place which I really don't like the most because I don't want to mind people's business... and they started it.

And that's all for my latest post. I hope you guys enjoy reading this long drama post and see you guys next time. ;)

Oh, and this is my treat to those 2 douche fucks...