12" FIGURES KITBASHED by Munir bin Julaihi

At last, those annoying teasers are gone...


"Kept you waiting, huh?"

Sorry to keep you waiting for this one, 'cause I have lots of stuff to do, especially in both Gmod and L4D (the first one) 'cause I wanna test some mods in it. So, to all of you toy collectors out there who always wanna look for a local kitbasher especially in Brunei, here it is:-

First up, Solid Snake:-


This is Snake, wearing his red hood jacket instead of his sneaking suit which makes him hard to move around.

To tell you the truth, everytime he use his hood, his face doesn't looked like Snake...
More like MJ to me... Or was it?

...Meh, maybe it's just my imagination. xP

The logo seems pretty cool, though. A skull with a PS logo cap. Reminds me of Tony Hawk. He loves those skull designs.

But of course, there's no way he could go outside without his favorite woodland pants.

Now for Wesker...


This is Albert Wesker, COMPLETELY kitbashed until I don't even recognized him by wearing the balaclava and the grey hood. lol!

As you can see, his face's lot more different than usual if he wears his balaclava. It's more like... unlike him, you know what I'm saying?

I really like the quote, actually.
"THE PREFERRED WEAPON OF OUR MILITARY", with a M4 weapon logo at the top.

Same as usual, he's wearing a woodland pants with some weapons.

Finally, Naked Snake a. k. a. Big Boss...


This is Naked Snake, a. k. a. Big Boss. Nothing to say, really...

This guy wears a Russian Paratrooper outfit, but actually, I love to call this as "Russian Flecktarn".

The outfit comes with one full set of Russian Paratrooper, it includes the cap and the badges. You can see that below.

And that's all for those 12" figures. Actually, there's 2 more clothes to show you, and here it is:-

For some reason, something tells me that I need to acquired 2 more figures.... Hmmm... What could it be? Liquid Snake? Chris Redfield? Sheva Alomar?

Don't know yet, and it's still not decided.
And you guys must be asking how much for all of these items I bought. Well, here's a bit proof to ya:-

lol. Actually, the paper's flying when I try to put it down on the floor, so I have to hold it so it won't go flying again.

Yep, it's $112. I know it's a bit expensive but a bit cheap comparing the figures, but who gives a damn?

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys enjoy reading and watching the images and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)