RANDOM Post #1

Just got back from making a video for my next upcoming DiGiRAMA project which will release on 22/11/09, DON'T FORGET. So today is a RANDOM POST, so I maybe post something boring or something interesting. This kind of post will occurred once I got myself either bored or taking a break.

Now, what's today's RANDOM post? Here it is:-


Snake is... GAY?! o.O *screams*

I know I should post this on my GAME MODZ™ blog, but I watched this vid "accident" and while I watched it, Snake's... Snake's.... GAY!!!!!!


Watch the video below. It makes me go... URGH!!! I feel like I'm dying! x.x





Yep, you heard that one right. I quit.

I quit being a cosplayer. If you wanna hear the story of why I quit being a cosplayer, you can either go to my podcast at iTunes (type GAME MODZ™ at the search box) OR if you don't have any iTunes, you can click here:-


Note: You must have a QuickTime installed.


So, looks like someone already "cracked" the code. Well, actually there's 2 people who got it right, but the others got confused. Up to 4 or 5 people who answered this code and here's what they say:-

1.) Muhsin (Shin):- "Simple, it's MGS parody."
2.) Hanif (Double H):- "MGS?" (He ALMOST got it right, but he have this "?" at the end of the sentence.)
3.) Flare (don't know her real name):- "All I could see is M... *squints my eye* o_e"
4.) Izzudin (Skyl):- "Can't see anything..."
5.) Bobby:- "I don't know..."

Only Muhsin got the right answer while the others only got 40-50% correct. So for those who don't know what's this code means, let me explain to you.

But first, let's see the first pic right here:-

Like I said before, there's 3 HIDDEN LETTERS in this pic, although it's hard to find even myself. What all we see here is just a letter M which it's stands for MUNIR (that's my name. xP). And here's the rest of the missing letters:-

Yes, there's 3 HIDDEN LETTERS, exactly. One is M, which is very easy to see, one is T, which almost a LOT of people don't have any clue to find it. And one is R, where it's easy-but-difficult to find. You can see the R letter at the right of the pic, and it's too small to see.

And that's for the hidden letters. Now, let's move on to the numbers and symbols. Try to see the very first pic above. There's 6 numbers and 2 symbols. I wonder what these numbers for? Well, if you ask that yourself, here's a bit guide:-

3 - E
4 - A
6 - G
7 - L

If you arrange these numbers-to-letters, it will be like this:-

And speaking of numbers, let's move back to letters. Now that we have 3 letters (M, T, R), let's put these letters with the numbers, shall we?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's "M3T47 634R" w/o "50L1D" (METAL GEAR SOLID, if you can't read the numbers.)

That's for the letters and the numbers. Now, let's move on to the last one; the symbols.

I know a lot of you people know what it means by this:- "!¡".

It's one of the famous MGS symbols with a [?] [!] marks on their heads. But for those who don't know yet, here's what it means:-

The ! and ¡ is actually a letter, which you can see the ¡ that looks like an "i". Meaning, that there's actually two "i"s inside the pic. And that "i"s stands for:-

Yes, a "D¡G¡RAMA", or simply DiGiRAMA.

And for the last pic for today's post, here it is:-

Be sure to view it in ORiGiNAL SiZE. To view it, click the image or right-click the image and select "Open Link in New Tab".

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoying (or a bit disappointing) and see you guys sooner or later. ;)

Me on TV?!

Just now my mom called me to watch the TV, and you know what I see? It's ME on TV!
Here's the snapshot of it:-

It was a "LIPUTAN SEMASA" program and when I was watching, I just took a quick shot of it.
And yes, it's me right there, with a black "Hip Hop" jacket and a red beanie on my head. That's me right there. Wow, I... didn't expect to seeing my face there. o.O


This might be a teaser advertising for my "upcoming" post and it's up to you guys to solve/crack this case/code. Once you know the answer, submit it either on this page, or at the CBOX on the right.

Clue: It has 3 hidden letters inside the numbers.

My Medicom MGS4 Old Snake (again)

Yep, none other than my MGS4 Medicom Old Snake. I really like the figure and the quality was quite EXCELLENT!!! I really LOVE IT!! Thanks again, Eric, for bringin' this bitch to Brunei! If you order more MGS RAH figures, just tell me, and I'll be the first one to pay the deposit! :D

So today, I'm gonna show you my MGS4 Old Snake. Even though I did post it before, but this time it's different. Just see the damn images below, and I'll explain at each of the image(s):-

Here it is, Old Snake. Man, I love this guy. He IS the legendary hero. He's the best rather than Raiden.

Another close-up view of Snake.

Okay, you guys must be wondering what the hell is this. Well, it's Snake's arm, yes, and I cut it using a cutter. Yes, I just cut his arm. LOL!

Snake's left arm. See the hand? Yes, there were NO HANDS. It's just the suit. And you guys must be wondering why I cut his arm. Why? Because his arm can't be tilt whatsoever. It's stuck, and plus, he can't even tilting his arm 360 degree, which it makes it suck. So, I decide it to cut using a cutter.

And this is the inside of Snake's arm. It looks like a sock, doesn't it?

The front view of the sock. So, this explains why Snake's doesn't have any hands. It's only a sock.

But the weird thing is, there's a "joint" inside the sock which this explains that Snake's hand can be bended.

Now THIS looks like a REAL sock, 'cause it looks like a feet. xD

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoying reading and see you next time. ;)

Medicom MGS4 Old Snake Review by YouTube Users

So, I was sitting on my chair, surfing the web as usual, watching some vids on YouTube. I just got bored watching some funny vids so I try to search the Medicom MGS4 RAH Old Snake review and found a LOT of reviewers. Yes, lots and LOTS of them. Well, not that lot. Here's a few videos (including me) reviewing the Medicom RAH MGS4 Old Snake:-

Pitu's Video Review of MGS4 RAH

knightslade2007's Video Review of MGS4 RAH

IonPrime's Video Review of MGS4 RAH

LITE86's RAH Old Snake (Not a review, but a show-off)

And finally...


With four parts of a video reviewing. Enjoy watching! ;)

Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab Part 1/4

Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab Part 2/4

Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab Part 3/4

Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab Part 4/4

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoying watching the videos, I'll see you guys sooner or late. ;)

Custom Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab

I just visit a couple of sites yesterday, and there's one site that catches my eyes is this:-

It has a lot of custom and non-custom figures there, and it's a pretty interesting site.
So, I explore the site a bit and found a custom Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab. Here's a few sample pics of the custom. More like it's been modified, that is:- (Note: All of the pictures below belongs to Golgo-013, not mine. All rights reserved)

It's only a few sample pics I can post right now. If you want to see some more of it, go here:-


There's a lot of pictures including the FIGURE inside the vinyl suit.

I actually have no idea how he made all of this by himself ALONE. He must've been practicing on how to modifying the RAH figures. Nevertheless, this is one kick-ass modified Old Snake.

Medicom MGS4 Old Snake ~Olive Drab version~

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! Snake is here!! Old Snake is here!!!! I can't wait to meet that guy! xD xD xD

Okay, stop being ridiculous... =.="

Anyway, I want to introduce to ALL of you...



Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Old Snake from MGS4. I've been waiting that guy for 5 MONTHS.
5 months I've been waiting, and finally he's here! Thanks to Eric. I appreciate him for bringing the old guy to Brunei. BIG THANKS, ERIC! Love ya lots! :D

Actually he was offering me about the MGS4 figure, but that time I don't have any much money and I'm kinda busy at Tutong. And he was giving me a warning if I want it or not. So I say, "maybe next month or so". Then, he didn't order it. And when he post the MGS4 Old Snake at his blog, I was like, "OMG! Metal Gear!" and I know that this is my only chance to buy him. So I went to CH as quick as possible and pay the deposit for MGS4, 'cause maybe he knows that I'm a big fan of MGS4 and he gave me the last chance to take that buddy before everything goes *poof*... or maybe that's only just in my thoughts, I don't know. So, yeah. That's the story on how I got the Old Snake. I don't know if there's anything left, 'cause when I visit the shop yesterday, I can feel that there was nothing left for Medicom figures (sorry to those who wanna buy the Old Snake. I got it first. lol! xD Just kiddin'. I didn't mean to say that. Just try your luck next time).

And I feel that I'm the very last person to buy the Medicom toy. Everyone bought them earlier and that makes me the last person. I guess I always late like Snake does. "Kept you waiting, huh?" lol My favorite line.

Now, for the images:- (Note: The images will be sorted by "category" so that you guys can see the images with the "proper arrange")


Front view.

Back view.

Close-up look of the "20th METAL GEAR ANNIVERSARY" with the KOJIMA PRODUCTION logo.

Close-up look of the MGS4 logo at the bottom-left corner of the front view.

Another logo of the MGS4 logo at the top.

A close-up look of the logo at the top.

Now, for the inside the box.


Inside the box, you can see the Old Snake figure inside and you can see Yoji Shinkawa's artwork at the left.

It looks nice in there! Mind if I join? lol

A close-up look of Snake's face. Oh, and sorry for the light. The light was too bright and it hits on Snake's eye.

An M4 SOPMOD rifle.

A Mk. 23 or M1911A1 pistol and a knife.

Next up; out of the box, but still in the plastic box.


Snake in the plastic box, along with the weapons.

Another look of Snake in the plastic box. Sorry for the "blurry".

A base-stand for the figure.

Next up; out of the box.


Snake out of the box with the weapons.

Snake's shoes. You can see the lookalike metal on his shoes.

Snake standing without the base stand.

Full image of Snake standing.

Front view.

Corner view.

Side view.

Next up; the accessories.



This is an M4 SOPMOD rifle. There's a few things about this rifle that I don't like, and that is:-

The back of the rifle (I forgot what's the name) doesn't seems to be move. It's just stuck there. I can't even expand or whatsoever.

I can't even removed the scope and the grip.

But the only part that I like is this...

See? The clip can be removed and put it on the other M4 models.

MK. 23? OR M1911A1? PISTOL

Snake's pistol. I don't know what model is this. Is it Mk. 23 or M1911A1? It's almost the same model as the M1911A1, but I don't know. I'm kinda forgotten what's this is. Sorry.

But yeah, it's the same one as the M4 one; everything's plastic. You can't remove the scope, you can't removed the clip and you can't even pull the grip or something.


Snake's trusted CQC knife. Yes, still the same. It's plastic, but...

...it's thin like a paper. Just a note from me; the knife has the sensitive part, and that is, the end of that knife. It has a pointy sharp and it always hurt my finger everytime I try to touch it. Ouch...

Next up; Snake's detailed figure.



"This is Snake. Someone just kidnapped me and taking a photo of me."

"He also take a picture of my vest."

"And he took a picture of my balls, too!"

"And my feet!"


"This is Snake. I've been forced to look back and took a picture of my hair and my awesome, infinite bandana."

"He took a pic of my vest, too."

"My holster for my CQC knife and..."

"WTF?! He just took a picture of my butt!!!"

"Hey! What're you doing?!"
*sound of cracks from Snake's hand*
"AHH! My hand!!"

Last but not least; comparison between my MGS1 Snake and MGS4 Snake.


This is Snake from MGS4 (left) and this is Snake from MGS1 (right). Let's look at the heights of each figure.

Hmm... it seems that the Snake from MGS4 is taller than Snake from MGS1.

But atleast they have the same foot.

And that's all for my Medicom MGS4 Old Snake ~Olive Drab version~.

The figure's quality is EXCELLENT rather than all of my figures, 'cause it's my first time buying one of the original Medicom 1/6 product. Thanks Eric for reserved it for me! I appreciate that! :D

I hope Eric will bring another Medicom 1/6 MGS figure next year. I'm a BIG FAN of MGS and I really love the Medicom 1/6 figures. And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoying reading, and see you next time. Oh, before I go, here's a bit gift from me.

Sexy pose~