"Modding" both Snakes

You know, modding is my hobby, and I can't quit being a modder. I've start modding when I first got this free FPS game for Mac called "AssaultCube" or "ActionCube". Then, I saw this folder and it contains some textures for the models. So, I just start my own textures and apply them to see what happens if I do that. It turns out pretty good.

And now, since modding is my hobby, I was start to think if I can mod something that is NOT digital. You know, digital, as in, 3D-inside-2D-screen kinda thing. And I was thinking about THIS:-

Yeah, I know it looks like a piece of trash if you see it like this. Two Snakes with NAKED bodies. And some clothes, accessories, weapons, etc., etc. So, let's take a look at 'em, shall we?


Here, we see Naked Snake with his clothes and some accessories from the game including his radio and a drinking bottle...

...and here, we see Solid Snake with his vest and his sneaking suit and some other stuff I don't even know what the hell is it.

Over here, we see some of Naked Snake's hands and Solid Snake's hands, too. His boots is here, too. And an M16 rifle*.

* = This is a cheap M16. The clip is unremovable which it makes it sucks.


This is Naked Snake's Cold War uniform. It's actually a GAG uniform where if you wear it somewhere at Groznyj Grad, the soldiers will be hesitated to shoot you 'cause they thought that you support Russia. But if the soldiers sees his back, then it's *bang* *bang*.

You can get this uniform by defeating Volgin without using any lethal weapons.

And this is Solid Snake's sneaking outfit. It includes the vest, the suit, the holster, and some pouches sticking to his vest.


I know a lot of you people wanna see him "naked" 'cause since his name is "NAKED SNAKE", people think he's REALLY naked. So to those who really wanna see him naked, here you go, fellas:-

Just look at him. A guy with no penis. He's sexy, though. And a bit muscular.

Although his neck's a bit tall...

And this is Solid Snake's body. This guy doesn't have a penis, either. But...

...his neck is as same as his father. "Like father, like son".

What really weird about this guy is his stomach. His father doesn't have this kinda stomach. I wonder why his stomach's kinda weird...

That's for the preview of the figures. Now, let's change their clothes! >:D



Before we can jump onto Snake, let me show you some details of Naked Snake's outfit.

This is Naked Snake's suit. Yes, it's the one where he always wears it in the game.
This is the front view of the suit.

And this is the back view of the suit.

This is the side view of the suit. You can see the letters... oh wait, you can't, 'cause it's pretty damn small. Let's zoom on that small letters.

Here, you can see the letters. It says "D. A. C. Q. C. SUIT".
I don't know what D. A. means, but according to toy haven blog, maybe it means by "Direct Action Close Quarters Combat".

That's for the clothes. Now, for some REAL fun.

This is the socks for all 1/6 military or non-military figures.

And these are some of 1/6 clothes for 1/6 figures. Let's see.... which one should I pick?
I'll pick at the middle one.

Time to put the shirt on Naked Snake...

And here's Naked Snake, with his new camo shirt. I think it's DPM, if I got it right.

I know what you guys thinking right now. Yes, of course it's a sock. And you know what I'm going to do it...

Ah, feels warm, doesn't it, Snake?

And here's the pants. It's actually a 1 set outfit. Just look at the camo. It matches with the clothes. Let's put this pants on him.

Wow, looks good on him. Let's try to see him standing. But first, let's put his straps back.

Hey, not pretty bad. It looks great. Let's see from a far.

Oh, wow! Damn, you look pretty badass, Snake! I really like it!
That's for the clothes. Now, for the boots.


Okay, we have 4 sets of boots. 2 black boots, 1 Solid Snake's boots and 1 green boots.

I don't know which one should I pick...
Do I have to pick this boot in front of me?

Or do I have to pick Solid Snake's boots? But that will be weird if Naked Snake wears his son's boots.

Maybe I'll pick this one.
...Nah, that doesn't seems to be fit with the pants...

Hmm... I think I'll take this, 'cause the boots are soft and easy to stretch it.
I think I'll use this one.

There. That should do it. Let's see what Snake looks like.

Wow... Now THAT's what I called "Big Boss". But he ain't Big Boss if he ain't got no hands. Let's put his CQC hands back to his forearms.

Finally, a one true legendary hero...

Big Boss...

A father to both Solid and Liquid Snake...

A "les enfants terribles"..
(pronounced as lés ánfánts terrib)

I really like his face, though. Kinda gives him MORE "Snakey".

Of course you can tell that it's Big Boss with an eyepatch on it.

A CQC pose with his CQC knife. And his M1911A1.

Damn, he look awesome in this pose.

Okay, just... WTF is that? o.O

This is him again, holding an M16 rifle. I know the light's are too bright, blame on the camera.

Damn, he looks awesome with that rifle. I bet that his son will jealous seeing him like this.

A closer look of Snake's face and his rifle. Damn, gotta love that face.

That's for Naked Snake. Now, for Solid Snake.


Note that I didn't took so much photos of Solid Snake 'cause my mobile's battery is running low. But atleast I took some shots that you guys might wanna see.

This is Solid Snake, with naked body (again).
I use Naked Snake's D. A. C. Q. C. suit on him and...

Well, the suit's kinda bit loose, but it still fits on his body, though.

And this is Naked Snake's Cold War camo shirt. I know I only showed you at the back, but like I said, my mobile's battery's kinda low, so this is the only shot that I can manage to shoot.

This is the front view of the shirt. Oh, and btw, I use Naked Snake's shirt to Snake and see if he can be like his father.

Again, wearing Naked Snake's pants. Oh yeah, note that you CANNOT take the tape off. It's too damn sticky. I can't take it off, don't know why. Maybe it's just the way it is. :/

And here he is...

Solid Snake...

A second legendary hero like his father...

Although he use his father's outfit, but his face will never change. He IS Solid Snake.

Hmm... This view... Kinda reminds me of Sean Barker... (not a baseball player)

That's for Solid Snake. Now, for the final one...


Here they are...

Father and Son...

Big Boss and Solid Snake... no...
Naked and Solid Snake...

Two legendary heroes...

Their face are kinda lookalike, doesn't it? Hell yeah, it is. They ARE Snakes.

You can tell which one is Big Boss and which one is Solid Snake. But if Big Boss cuts his hair and shave his beard, that might be a BIG problem...

Wait a sec... Something's fishy here... I know there's nothing in here, but I can sense that something's REALLY fishy here... But I can't tell...

Whoa, just look at 'em dudes. They look awesome in this view.

And that's all for today's post. I hope you guys are enjoy seeing the images reading it, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

Note:- This is one of my first time posting one, loo~~~nng post. Yes, my first time. Damn, it took me 3 days to finish this post.