YES! It's finally HERE! My KINGDOM HEARTS 2 Organization XIII!!! Yep! My costume is here! YES YES YES! Finally, I got it today! Well, I actually got it last Thursday before Eric went to Singapore. Man, I was SO tired waiting for 4 months... If not, I maybe growing older... *coughs like Old Snake* But here's the images of my costume:-

The costume's still in the package.

Another shot of my costume.

Yes, the size is L, that means it's big. And you can see that the coat is made of "cheap-leather".... I think...

The receipt of my costume. Wow! B$85.90?! Damn! It was hard to find that kinda money...

Yep. That's my KH2 Organization XII Coat which it cost me $85+.  I'm going to post more pic about it soon after I buy something else for my cosplay. I'll see you guys sooner or later as usual. ;)