Eminem's a CRAZY GUY

Yes, you heard that right. Eminem, his real name Marshall Mathers, is a crazy guy. Why?
Well, I recently listen to these songs, and that is; Superman, Bagpipes from Baghdad, and The Warning.

But only one song that caught my ear; The Warning.

It was actually a direct insult to Mariah Carey.


I'm not saying that I hate or dissin' Eminem, but why did he insult Mariah? I mean, she doesn't do anything to him, right? When I listen to the song called Superman and watched the music video, he thinks that Mariah are fall in love with him while according to Wiki,

"Eminem has written several songs referring to a relationship with pop singer Mariah Carey, although she denies the claim"

And check this out;

"Songs Eminem has referenced her on include "Superman", "Jimmy Crack Corn", "Bagpipes From Baghdad", and "The Warning". While "Superman" was released in 2003, Carey released a song entitled "Clown" on her Charmbracelet album, released around the same time, which makes similar references in line with her 2009 hit "Obsessed".
Eminem's "Bagpipes From Baghdad" from his album Relapse may be his best known Carey diss due to the controversy it caused. The song calls out Mariah and husband Nick Cannon's relationship. Cannon responded to Eminem by saying his career is based on "racist bigotry", and that he would get revenge on Eminem, joking that he may return to rapping. Eminem later stated that the couple misinterpreted the track and it was wishing the two the best. Cannon also stated that there were no hard feelings, and that he just had to express his feelings about the song.

In 2009 Carey released "Obsessed" in which she sings about an obsessed man who claims to be having a relationship with her.Cannon claimed that the song was not an insult directed at Eminem. Eminem then released a track in late July 2009 titled "The Warning" which was a direct insult at Mariah and Nick, and contained samples of a voice which is either Carey's, or a competent voice actress (Eminem does not tell the listener)."

....Wow, Eminem sure DOES have a conflict with Mariah. But if you wanna read some more, try to go here:-


There's a plenty of informations about Eminem including his personal life, legal troubles, etc., etc.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy reading it and I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)