Facepunch is a bunch of whiners...

Hey, guys! Sorry for not being able to post anything here 'cause I've been busy with works and events that I'm going to attend. Lots of stuff happening lately and I'm pretty busy with my Facebook, too.

Anyways, I just went to this one site which I think most of you guys are familiar with it and I read this one thread and when I was reading the whole thread, there's this one poster who actually knew how to rip models and contents from a PS3 games. But there's 3 to 4 people who are a bunch of whiners who kept saying that "it's impossible to rip models from a console game" and one of them seems like as if he doesn't believe what he said about ripping stuff from PS3 game by saying,

...but Chroxx proved him wrong. So, he posted 2 images of a ripped model from a PS3 game, which is this:-

But there's another user who does not believes it and denies it by saying,

And since these guys doesn't believe it at all and still with their "impossible to rip PS3 games" conversation shit, Chroxx posted another 2 images and this time, he shows 2 extracted models from the famous and popular video game ever in PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4...

And he also realized that Chroxx is from Xentax, and that he apologizes it by saying,

And since then, a lot of people seems to ask him to rip models from Heavy Rain until there's this one user who is seems protesting about it and says,

...but Exorade responded by saying,

...but xalener, still protest and yet ignorant, responded by saying,

...and as you can see it from here, you guys might already knew that the members from Facepunch is filled with nothing but a bunch of whiners and lazy bums who would like to download and never give credits to the author. Why? 'Cause it fills with fat kids who likes to steal stuff!

LOL! Just kidding. 'Cause they're thieves.

They like to download stuff and never give credits to the original ripper, no matter what the model is. And besides, like I said, they're a bunch of whiners and lazy bums. Whiners, as in, they want someone to release the models as possible, and once the ripper doesn't have any plans to release them, they'll be whining like a bitch and forcing them to release it just for themselves. And once they got the stuff they want, they leave it just like that and then claim it as their own. And that's one of the reason why I don't like Facepunch. They're a bunch of whiners... >.>

And that's all for the post, I hope you guys enjoy reading the post and oh, in case you wondering which thread I got this from, it's here:-

Heavy Rain Models

See ya! ;)

Kelli Filkin's Later Years.

Some of you guys may have heard of an eBay scammer, Kelli Filkins along with her now-divorced husband, Michael Filkins, right? Well I got some news for you guys.

An eBay fella known as noledu1914 has posted this 2 days ago. He said,

"Just spoke with her husband Michael Filkins who still installs drywall in the Caro-Flint, Michigan area. In time, Kelli Filkins went to jail is now out and she lost custody of her kids. They're with the grandparents."

This, which means, that the children is now safe with her grandparents, but not safe when the big, fat EVIL blond bitch released from her cage, wandering around and continuing scamming on others at eBay.

noledu1914 also added,

"She ended up scamming, then divorcing her own husband. She is still hiding. There may be further warrants out for her. A life ruined by scamming others and then giggling at her victms' losses, smirking at her 'gain'."

Original message by noledu1914:- eBay General Discussion Boards link

Y'know, I was kinda suspicious about her "smirking". I mean, what did she got from all this scamming? Does she think that she'll get money that easily? Or is she planning to ruin other people's life? Or both? And like noledu1914 said, there may be further warrants on her ass. She's still hiding, but she won't be last for long. She'll be found around the next couple of weeks or so.

And to those of you who don't know who's Kelli Filkin is, here's something that'll refresh your memory a bit:-

And this is Munir bin Julaihi reporting, signing out. ;)

Desmond's Hoodie - is it worth it?

Whoaw, it's been for like 2 months I haven't been here. o.O Well, let's just skip to the topic, how 'bout that?

Anyways, a lot of people were talking about this Desmond's hoodie from UbiWorkshop and some of them were complaining about the hoodie, either "not having a beak on the hoodie", "a weird mesh on both sides of the hoodie that makes you look stupid", "no warm pockets whatsoever (reversible)" or "the price was too ridiculous".

Let's just say the hoodies are having a mixed review, should for me to say. I'm a fan of AC as well and I was planning to buy the hoodie too, but after reading all the comments, I guess that I have to think twice before purchasing it. I mean, I don't wanna spend $90 for just one hoodie, man. The price was so ridiculously expensive. Yeah, I know it's by "UbiWorkshop", but to me, it's just another "fans for fans". The hoodie's not even expensive, but a cheap-lookin', too.

Now I know that they're trying to make it LOOK like Desmond's hoodie from the game, but overpriced hoodie? You gotta be kidding me! And also, there's no warm pockets on the Reversible one. Yes, NO WARM POCKETS ON 'EM. But I don't think that's the problem for all the hoodies, right? I mean you can choose some other hoodies with warm pockets.

And now, for the main problem; the hoodie.

Everybody keeps complaining about "not having a beak" on it. Some people want it, some are not, and some of them are just... don't care if there's a beak or not, and I'm one of them. LOL!

Yeah, really. I don't care if there's a beak or not 'cause I love hoodies and I'll take any of them as long as it's quality and not-so-expensive. Now, I've been collecting hoodies for years but not that much, but I never see a hoodie that's not so quality and yet it's overpriced. I mean, just look at this pic for example:-

...Okay, maybe it's not that cheap-lookin', but seriously, $90 for one hoodie? Is this some kind of a... niche market or what? Everybody's complaining about the hoodie been so expensive. And I guess I have to cancel my order for this hoodie...

And then one night, I was looking for a hoodie WITH BEAK and I stumbled on this post at UbiWorkshop:-

One Skilled Mom

And I was amazed by her skill! I mean, the hoodie is an EXACT REPLICA to that Desmond's hoodie from AC: Brotherhood. Here's a few samples from the post:-

Now THIS, is what I called a "MASTERPIECE"! I was wondering; why UbiWorkshop didn't make this? It looks so awesome and it's almost an exact replica of Desmond's hoodie from the game. This is a MUST-HAVE for all AC fans! 8D

And I guess that's all for now, and will see you guys next time. ;)

Resident Evil Fans Interview D.C. Douglas, The Last Voice of Albert Wesker

Greetings, programs! Wow, I never realized that it's been for months now I haven't posting anything! o.O

Anyways, I got some BIG news for you Resident Evil fans. D.C. Douglas, the LAST voice of Albert Wesker from RE5, is going to do a final fan conducted interview and is going to answer all of the fans' question about his work and about his job as a voice actor of Albert Wesker from RE5.

Well, I can't say much about it, but I think D.C. could handle this for you RE/Albert Wesker fans:-

If you liked the video and wanted to share the video, "feel free to saturate the globe with the link! It’s in your best interest to assist me…" ~ D.C. Douglas, the voice actor of Albert Wesker from RE: Umbrella Chronicles, RE: The Darkside Chronicles and RE5.

And that's all for the post, and see you guys next time! ;)


JHouston791@gmail.com - A spammer?

So like, I got this message earlier morning on Gmail account and saying something like this:-

"Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


Joel Houston

Talk about it? What is this, some kind of "business" talk? Dude, I'm not into that kinda thing, man. And also, before I could accept this Joel guy, I search his name on the web and you know what? It appears that he almost saying the same thing! Try to take a look at these two screenshots I took a few minutes ago:-

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yep, you guys guessed it. These two screenshots I took a few minutes ago was that I was looking for his name by searching his Gmail account and in fact, there's a lots of results of his Gmail account by saying the same line.

Now a question; why would I post his Gmail account and posting something crap like this? Well that's because I want you guys to know that people like this "Joel" guy... IS A SPAMMER! Just look at the screenshots again and see how many blogs does he posted using the same lines over and over again? It turns out that he's a toy collector, as well.

Mr. Joel Houston or whoever you are, if you're either reading this or not, if you want someone to come over and visit your blog, you don't HAVE to post them on any toy blogs. That's as if you're spamming their blogs and you know, bloggers don't like spammers. So why don't you keep your same old lines like a robot to yourself and just sit there, posting anything you want, huh? And thank you for your "co-operation". :)

And that's all for the post, and see you guys next time. ;)

SiM's LiFE in BRUNEI:- Now *officially* Open for Public!

Wow, it's been for like, 2 months I haven't updated this blog. Must've been too busy these days.

Finally, for the sake of 2 months on hiatus, I was FINALLY fixing my Sims' blog, can you believe that? 2 months on hiatus, doing nothing but fixing the blog? Of course you don't. So, what did I do in the last 2 months?

Nothing, really. Just that I end up having a part-time job and all of a sudden, I fell in sick and I end up lying down on my bed. And after a few weeks, I'm trying to fix this "navigation menu bar" widget which it wasn't that good as I expected, so I just have to fix the menu into a default menu widget.

And last night, I was FINALLY fixed the menu bar and made my first post at my Sims' blog. And I was happy to announce that....


And you can visit the link right over here:-


Yeah, well... It's not that 100% fixed, but hey, atleast I got the "navigation menu bar" workin'.

And that's all for the post, and see you guys on the other blog. ;)

[W. I. P.]TRON's Identity Disc

Hey, guys! It's me again, and I just wanna say that I'm currently on hiatus on my other blog 'cause I need to concentrate more on this blog and besides, I'm a bit busy making a video reviews right now.

Oh yeah, BTW, I'm currently fell sick right now and I guess that I have to delay on both of my projects till I'm fully healed. So, for my short post of today, here's my W. I. P. TRON's Helmet, which I haven't finished it since then:-

Yeap, it's not finished since I fell in sick. I was about to finish it after I'm done with my second video review, but since I fell in sick, now I guess I should delay it. Oh well...
And that's all for the post, and see you guys by tomorrow, as usual! ;)

W. I. P. TRON's Outfit from the original "TRON" (1982) Film

Note:- This is a "copy-pasted" post. You can read the original post right over here.

Hey, guys! Sorry for not being able to make posts 'cause I was SO busy with this new project of mine for TS2, and this is one of my FIRST TIME mixing the meshes together into one clothing mesh.

When I was watching the "TRON" film, I was kinda attracted when I look at their costumes, and I was like, "Hmm... Since no one made the "TRON" costume, what if I make one?" So, I decided to rip the "TRON" model from my Kingdom Hearts 2 disc and grab all the meshes from the model.

And after I'm done fixing the model (which it looked kinda awkward after I grabbed the model),I open up my The Sims 2 BodyShop and grab a few clothing meshes and import them to MS3D. Then, I combine all the mesh parts into one clothing mesh, and this is what it looks like:-

Yeah, well. It's still in-progress, but I'll try to finish the clothing mesh once I done taking my figure this Saturday... I hope...

And that's all for the post, and see you guys later! ;)

"Blackout!" ~ Psycho Mantis

It's all in pitch-black and I can't see a goddamn thing, thanks to that stupid guy, Psycho Mantis... >.>

I was just kidding. It wasn't Psycho Mantis' fault (although it sounds obvious), but actually, the electricity's been cut-off in Old Airport Housing area.

It's too fucking dark and all I can see is the lamp post right besides the street. All the neighbors are blackout, too. But I don't see anyone coming out from their house, bringing a flashlight or something. Maybe because it was so dark that I couldn't even see a thing. And I can't even see my own cats, either!

What all I brought with me is a lighter and a mobile phone, but unfortunately, my phone's battery is almost running low and I only have a smaller chance to use it as a flashlight. But atleast I got a lighter and some candles to light the whole room up. So me and my brother took a box filled with candles, putting it somewhere safe and light it up so it doesn't look like a haunted house.

But it took a few minutes to fix the electricity before it goes on again. Well, I should say, thank God for making it as fast as possible. Glad to have it back again. :D

And that's all for the post, and see you guys later! ;)

T'was nice visiting the RTB Media, but...

Hey, guys! I just wanna say that I'm sorry for not posting anything since... what, a month ago or so? I was busy gone to ICC, and it was kinda tiring, though. Phew~! Talk about an adventure! o.O

Anyways, I've been visiting the ICC, but I felt... boring, y'know? I mean, yeah, it's fun and all, but it gets boring. It's like, it's the same old shit all over again, and no one's gonna watch them at TV even though they have this arcade games, some breakdancing shows and what not, but year after year, it's all the same, nothing changes.

So, what I've been doing a couple of past few days? Well, you know me, since I'm a "leecher" and a "supporter" to piracies, I downloaded a few movies and musics for my own. I know you guys will go against this, but just look around you, man.

Dee Jay sells pirated movies, Sia & Tang sells pirated movies and even CH sells pirated movies, too! And it's too late if you guys trying to stop piracies. This is not Malaysia, this is Brunei, motherfuckers! Who's gonna stop us, huh? Malaysian policeman? LOL! Those idiots think they can do whatever they want, but they forgotten one thing; this is Brunei, not Malaysia, so those M'sian policemen dick-heads can go fuck off (no offense to Malaysians who lived in Brunei).

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys enjoy reading it, and sorry for my rude and strong language, and see you guys in the next post! ;)

Killzone 3 Trailer ~ Edited by Me! :D

Hey, guys! It's me, back again from being hiatus. I just kinda bit busy nowadays, and I'm waiting for that Altaïr figure to arrive.

Anyways, I made a video this morning and it's a trailer from Killzone 3, but I edit the video to make it look MORE better, with a bit of sound effects. You can watch the video right over here .

And that's all for the post, hope you guys enjoy watching the video, and see you guys later!


My Kitbashed 12" Action Figures ~ video by Munir bin Julaihi

Hey guys, it's me again! I'm sorry if I'm a little bit lack of update, but I was uploading my latest video to Facebook (not on YouTube) 'cause I don't want those spam comments like "kóokica" or something like that.

And so for those of you who wanna watch the video, you can watch it right here:-

And that's all for the post, I hope you guys enjoy watching the video, and see you guys in the next post!