EX Figures are in big trouble...

3 days ago, EX Figures has recently made an announcement on their official FB page and they're having a lot more than just customer's complaint...

Their recent announcement on their FB page.

Yep, that's their latest announcement. When I read their status, it's hard for me to accept this as my hopes to grab myself a custom Assassin's Creed figure has come to an end. Now that they're having a legal issue thing going on, it looks like EX Figures won't be exist in the near future. That same goes to their products as well, meaning all those custom Assassin's Creed figures they made will be thrown away and crushed to bits.

However, that's not all. Before they made this announcement, there's been a lack of communications with their customers, that is after they open a pre-order of their Wolfman figure. Since then, there's so many customers weren't satisfied and they demand for a refund because they've broke their promise a lot and giving an excuse to them. Now, EX Figures got more and more problems because of this.

As for me, I don't feel like to accept this anymore. I just want to buy the figures and I want it NOW. I've been WAITING FOR SO LONG for this and yet, THIS HAPPENS. I really am totally disappointed of this. But I can only hope that they will release it in the future, after this legal issue thing is solved. I still want those figures.

And that's all for the post and hope to see you guys again soon. ;)

"Undercover Boss... it really inspires me."

I was watching this one reality TV show that was aired on our local television and I have to say; it really inspiring me to work harder.

Undercover Boss opening screen.

The thing I like about this show is that, when an undercover boss visits one of the stores, they not only looking at the situation but also putting themselves in their place and experience what their workers are experiencing. Also, the show teaches about how to manage the stores properly, meeting lots of customers, try to behave properly during work and focus on what you should be doing. There's also rules that needs to be followed and if you don't obey the rules, you'll end up getting lectured and fired.

However, when I look up to these people, I understand why they lecture their workers. They want them to be successful in their lives. Perhaps one day, they can start their own business and going through what their boss have been experienced.

Whenever I watch the show, I always pay attention to what the boss in the show says and they even explained on how you manage the business by yourself, if you own a small business. Of course, people like those guys does have sharing their business with their partners.

I really like the show and, maybe I've said this a couple of times by now, it inspires me to work harder and not just to earn money, but also earn an experience through work. I want to be a successful person, just like those guys.

Undercover Boss... it really inspires me.

"I've been struggling to make this..."

I've been struggling to make this one project and it never done until this year. I have no idea that this requires more than one lesson.

I receive a request from a friend of mine to make him a music video but until to this year, I still can't finish it. The more I spend my time on it, the more the slower process, especially when it comes to rendering. Goodness, that took me almost a day just to finish render ONE SHORT-CLIP. Also, the hardest part for me is making a hole in Terra's body. I tried to use a simple blood splatter texture but it didn't work the way I wanted. And some of the animations got messed up after saving them so I have to figure out how to fix this.

If I have to forcefully myself to make other clips, then I have to leave the clip where Aqua grabs Terra's heart and I'll work on other clips.

Unfortunately, I don't have the teaser ready yet as it's not finished. I only done rendering a few clips and hopefully this project won't end up being cancelled. Damn, this is too hard for me...

Working on 2 FNAF animations.

I maybe haven't posted this before, but I'm currently working on an FNAF animation -- BTW, I'm done with the cosplay thing so there should be no more posts about it anymore -- and it should be atleast 2 animations; both FNAF and FNAF2.

I'm currently working on the first animation and it's almost done by now except for the map which I need to add the textures manually onto it. I maybe able to do it in SFM but unfortunately, I don't own both Gmod and CS: Source and unfortunately, my computer couldn't handle any high-end graphics so I think I gotta purchased a customized Mac Pro though I'm not sure when. I've always wanted to buy Mac Pro and not just for 3D, but other purposes as well like the label designs or banners and what not. I really need that Mac Pro.

Anyways, here's a screenshot preview of Freddy wearing what look like to be a huge Top Hat on his head instead of his small-sized Top Hat:-

Credits goes to 16NIS for his FNAF models for Gmod.
The animations for Freddy is almost done and I'm gonna finish it either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Then I can proceed to the next animation project which it's gonna be an FNAF2 animation project (I think I did mention that earlier).

So yeah, I think that's about it. Also, I've set up an FB page for those who wants to follow any updates from this animation by clicking here.

And that's all for the post and I'll see you guys later. Cheers. ;)