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Okay, so I went back to YouTube as always, because if I ever felt like I need to lift my weight up a bit, it's YouTube. Then I went to my homepage and saw something... not what Mark always do... I thought it's just a fake trailer or anything (because he always do those), BUT when I checked out the video, it wasn't. In fact, it's not him who uploaded the video...


I'm in shocked and surprised to see this video up in his channel! How or why did they hack his channel for?! This is what happened to Yamimash as well!

Also, they've uploaded another video about 10 minutes ago and this time, they wrote a personal message directly to Mark himself. This is what they wrote in their description...

I don't think Markiplier is gonna happy when he sees this, I tell you. Markiplier enjoyed whatever he's doing to make us fans happy and make us smile everyday. But if he see these videos up in channel, those guys are gonna be in BIG trouble.

I'll update this post if there's anything new. Just keep your eyes peeled on this post.


I know it's a sudden news for everyone that started 2 days ago, but yes, Kojima leaves Konami after he finished making MGS5: The Phantom Pain unfortunately. It really makes me sad to see him go. :'(

Anyways, here's a video of me regarding about Kojima leaving Konami.

Charlie Hebdo shooting incident; a strategic plan.

I've heard about this Charlie Hebdo shooting incidents almost everywhere including Facebook, Twitter and local newspapers, so I give it a read...

I don't know much about Charlie Hebdo so my knowledge about it is little, but what I do like to talk about is, how the gunmen could shoot atleast 10-12 people inside that building and then escape. This is how my thoughts are...

Arrived with a black car and out carrying an AK-47s.

A gunmen pointing his AK-47 at Ahmed Merabet.

When I look at the picture when it was first emerged from my Facebook, they arrived with a black car and see 2 gunmen going out of their vehicle with their combat gears and then run up towards the police officer, Ahmed Merabet, and shoot in his head. Then, they bust into the building, killing 10-12 people, hijack a car and escape with it. It's like, they already make these plans before doing it. It's like they know when and where it's gonna happen and then execute when the time's right. If you think about it, it's like you're watching an action movie, except this is real and no actors are involved in this.

It's a strategic plan, I have to say that.

According to some resources I found, these guys are actually a "military professionals" who have a "combat experience" and they're both Algerian Muslims. Another info of these guys is that they're a member of "Al-Qaeda of Yemen". I'm not quite sure about them being a member of "Al-Qaeda" as, like I said before, I don't know a thing about this Charlie Hebdo thingamajig, but if this is who they are, then I guess that's how they came up with such plan. It's like Grand Theft Auto V, but real life...

So I guess that's the post for today and I hope you guys enjoy reading this short post of mine and I'm really sorry if this is too short 'cause I just want to share my thoughts about the shooting and not the entire "Charlie Hebdo" thing and I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 OFFICIAL TEASER?! D:

I don't have words to say 'cause I'm too excited and not so ready for this, except clicking on the link below. Go ahead, watch it!


EX Figures are in big trouble...

3 days ago, EX Figures has recently made an announcement on their official FB page and they're having a lot more than just customer's complaint...

Their recent announcement on their FB page.

Yep, that's their latest announcement. When I read their status, it's hard for me to accept this as my hopes to grab myself a custom Assassin's Creed figure has come to an end. Now that they're having a legal issue thing going on, it looks like EX Figures won't be exist in the near future. That same goes to their products as well, meaning all those custom Assassin's Creed figures they made will be thrown away and crushed to bits.

However, that's not all. Before they made this announcement, there's been a lack of communications with their customers, that is after they open a pre-order of their Wolfman figure. Since then, there's so many customers weren't satisfied and they demand for a refund because they've broke their promise a lot and giving an excuse to them. Now, EX Figures got more and more problems because of this.

As for me, I don't feel like to accept this anymore. I just want to buy the figures and I want it NOW. I've been WAITING FOR SO LONG for this and yet, THIS HAPPENS. I really am totally disappointed of this. But I can only hope that they will release it in the future, after this legal issue thing is solved. I still want those figures.

And that's all for the post and hope to see you guys again soon. ;)

"Undercover Boss... it really inspires me."

I was watching this one reality TV show that was aired on our local television and I have to say; it really inspiring me to work harder.

Undercover Boss opening screen.

The thing I like about this show is that, when an undercover boss visits one of the stores, they not only looking at the situation but also putting themselves in their place and experience what their workers are experiencing. Also, the show teaches about how to manage the stores properly, meeting lots of customers, try to behave properly during work and focus on what you should be doing. There's also rules that needs to be followed and if you don't obey the rules, you'll end up getting lectured and fired.

However, when I look up to these people, I understand why they lecture their workers. They want them to be successful in their lives. Perhaps one day, they can start their own business and going through what their boss have been experienced.

Whenever I watch the show, I always pay attention to what the boss in the show says and they even explained on how you manage the business by yourself, if you own a small business. Of course, people like those guys does have sharing their business with their partners.

I really like the show and, maybe I've said this a couple of times by now, it inspires me to work harder and not just to earn money, but also earn an experience through work. I want to be a successful person, just like those guys.

Undercover Boss... it really inspires me.

"I've been struggling to make this..."

I've been struggling to make this one project and it never done until this year. I have no idea that this requires more than one lesson.

I receive a request from a friend of mine to make him a music video but until to this year, I still can't finish it. The more I spend my time on it, the more the slower process, especially when it comes to rendering. Goodness, that took me almost a day just to finish render ONE SHORT-CLIP. Also, the hardest part for me is making a hole in Terra's body. I tried to use a simple blood splatter texture but it didn't work the way I wanted. And some of the animations got messed up after saving them so I have to figure out how to fix this.

If I have to forcefully myself to make other clips, then I have to leave the clip where Aqua grabs Terra's heart and I'll work on other clips.

Unfortunately, I don't have the teaser ready yet as it's not finished. I only done rendering a few clips and hopefully this project won't end up being cancelled. Damn, this is too hard for me...

Working on 2 FNAF animations.

I maybe haven't posted this before, but I'm currently working on an FNAF animation -- BTW, I'm done with the cosplay thing so there should be no more posts about it anymore -- and it should be atleast 2 animations; both FNAF and FNAF2.

I'm currently working on the first animation and it's almost done by now except for the map which I need to add the textures manually onto it. I maybe able to do it in SFM but unfortunately, I don't own both Gmod and CS: Source and unfortunately, my computer couldn't handle any high-end graphics so I think I gotta purchased a customized Mac Pro though I'm not sure when. I've always wanted to buy Mac Pro and not just for 3D, but other purposes as well like the label designs or banners and what not. I really need that Mac Pro.

Anyways, here's a screenshot preview of Freddy wearing what look like to be a huge Top Hat on his head instead of his small-sized Top Hat:-

Credits goes to 16NIS for his FNAF models for Gmod.
The animations for Freddy is almost done and I'm gonna finish it either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Then I can proceed to the next animation project which it's gonna be an FNAF2 animation project (I think I did mention that earlier).

So yeah, I think that's about it. Also, I've set up an FB page for those who wants to follow any updates from this animation by clicking here.

And that's all for the post and I'll see you guys later. Cheers. ;)

"First day of Eid al-Fitr..."

I still remember about that dream after reading so many afterlife stories, and man, do I not forget about it...

I think it was the first day of Eid al-Fitr when I was fully exhausted serving them the foods and drinks that we have and it was around 1:04 AM when I start reading more afterlife stories. I went to sleep 30 minutes later because I can't keep up my usual schedule and I end up sleeping on the bed.

On that same night, I have given a dream... A dream with a boy, crying from a distant.
Everything was dark and pitch-black and I can't see anything. I can hear the boy's crying, not too far away from my location, which I assume I must be still on the center of the room. I chase to where that voice was coming from until I stopped and listen carefully. It sounds like it came from the right so I turned and went east from my post.

Suddenly, the voice was gone. I try to search for it but I can't hear it anymore. So I went around, trying to find the voice, but instead of searching on what I'm looking for, I'm somewhat been greeted by a red glowing object and dripping what look like to be a dark-reddish blood. I approached the glowing object and as I was about to touch it, the room was lighted up, but everything went red... All of them.

What I see there... was a terrible and horrifying sight for me... I see a bunch of people, impaled on a large spears, human eaten by crows, naked people drinking bloods till they can't hold it anymore but still drinking...

I froze to see them in my dreams...
I just can't believe what I saw...

Then that voice came back again. I quickly ran across the dead trees to find that voice, hoping that it's not gonna go anywhere this time. As I jump over a small gap of a bloody swamp, I finally stopped near the river. That voice was close, and I can tell that it's somewhere nearby. So I went to the forest filled with dead trees from where the river was, and as I walking through them, I see a strange, white figure lying down on the ground from afar. I walked slowly through the trees so that it won't see me that I'm there and when I get closer to the figure, that white figure... was Gold.

He's just like that character I read before; no eyes with bloody tears, no arms, no legs. He was crying in pain... A pain he can't handle it anymore...
He crawled down from the hallway of the dead forest, leaving a blood trail behind...

His mouth starts to speak in a torture state...


He yells for help from his mother. He continued crawling down the path, hoping to find his way 'home'... But it was too late for him...

I decided I should leave him, that is, until I stepped onto something that's noisy. He turned around and staring at me with his blank eyes. My body frozen that I couldn't move a muscle. His face starts to change. He looks like to that of a bunch of little girls when they're start to scream. That's where he jumps on me and I start to run through the forest, but it was an never-ending forest. The more I ran, the more it became far, and he became closer and closer. He was moving so fast and irregularly like the speed of a spider but twice the pace. His screams was a terrible distorted voice and it was loud, louder than my iMac's speakers. I keep running and running till I suddenly say this...

"Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD!"

...I woke up with my lip still says "oh god". I looked around and found myself that I'm in my room. It was 2:55 AM, almost hitting 3 o'clock. I was sweating a bit. I get up afterwards and do my usual routine job, trying to forget what that dream was.

But from this day onwards, I still remember that dream, and especially his screams...
Oh, that scream... that painful scream still lingers in my mind... his tortured screams...

Whenever I remembered that dream, it always reminds me of his face, kinda similar to this picture:-

...but it's even more terrifying than this.

...Although it was a nightmare for me, but then again, it makes me feel like I want to have that dream again, curious to know what I've been through and what I've seen in that dream. I feel like I was in there...

I want to have it again...

I find it... quite fun...

"There's a haters on my video..."

Note:- This is a post from my Facebook regarding about those douche bags who leave the comments on my teaser video and relates to my previous post.

Just one thing I need from people is don't disturb me or mind their own business instead of others because I'm not that kinda type who wants to be a nosy guy. But seeing as there's a haters on my video, maybe I should do what I'm suppose to do.
And that video, I meant my teaser video. Sigh... Why, oh why do I always getting disturbed on what I did... And then they judging my video before the project is done.

I didn't judge theirs. I didn't even ask them to take down the video they make. I didn't threatening them to take down the video just because I hate it. I don't care, that's all. What they do with their video is their business, why should I care? Their videos is their videos, whatever they wanna do in that video is their problem.

But they already stepping into my "property" and then saying things that's not even in the fucking teaser video. If I wanna go and make this a serious matter, then how about watching OPPA BRUNEI STYLE video instead of judging mine. They're REAL PEOPLE, they're in FLESH AND BLOOD, they ZOOMED IN on a MAN'S ASS, a lady that shows her skin and then a Brunei flag at the end. Oh, and a PELVIC THRUSTING too.

Me? It's just a 3D animation video with people dancing around like crazy on half of the song. The flag? It's just there, sticking on a wall, static, no movements at all. You know, I wouldn't have add that "SENSITIVE" sign board if you guys didn't leave such comments on my teaser video and everything would be better. But ever since you and the other guy leaves that comment, I guess I'll add it in my video to add a bit of spice on it. It wouldn't be like this if you hadn't coming on to my video and saying shit about it till you want me to take down my video.

My question is; who the fuck are you trying to threat me to take down my video? This ain't yours to do everything you want. Also, since when do I go on to your video and then threatening you to take down the video? Did I even do that? So much that I remember, I don't think I do. So you should STOP minding people's business and ask your dumb friend to mind his own business instead of leaving threat comments.

Remember; if I ever see you disturbing one more time, I'll go even further and it relates your job. Don't disturb me, you fucking understand? I don't give a shit if you try to apologize me, just one thing from me; DO NOT FUCKING DISTURB ME. That same goes to your friend as well. That's all I ever asked.

An "Incident" Happened and Haters Gonna Hate. ;)

Hey there, guys! This is me again and like usual, came back to make a post after a few months of not doing anything on the blog except Facebook which I'm kind of addicted to it. LOL!

Anyways, there have been an... "incident" on FB lately and it happened around 4 months ago and here's how the story goes...

2 months before that "incident" happened which is around February, I made a new 3D animation project called "Harlem Shake" because of how famous Harlem Shake videos at that time. So I watch a couple of HS videos as a reference on how the video starts and how the video ends.

It was pretty simple; make one of the person dance to the music while the others just do their stuff and on the half of the song, make everyone dance to the music until near the end where everything goes slow-mo. But the hardest thing in 3D is creating the animations on each models so it wasn't easy as I expected and takes a lot of patience to do so.

And after I done implanting the animations to the models which I rigged them by myself (except Ventus) around March which that's the month where that "incident" happened, I uploaded a 15-second teaser video on Facebook WHICH (too many "which-es" here. LOL!) you can watch it here below:-

...and that's where the whole "incident" started; 2 dumb fuckers come on to my video and leave such threat comments. Nope, not a critic. Just a simple threat comments. Here's how the comment goes...

Yep, that's them. That's their name right over there. 2 douche bags who tries to threat me to take my video down. Mm-hmm, that's them right there.

Oh, BTW, in case you can't understand what this Nabil  douche fuck says, let me translate it for you:-

"Serious kh flag brunei a?"
Translated:- Are you serious, about that Brunei flag?

"Jangan kmu. Brunei ni sensitive sikit mun benda cani plus ada brunei flag g d sana..."
Translated:- Don't you guys even dare. Brunei is a little sensitive when it comes to this kinda thing. And there's even a Brunei flag, too.

There you go. Translating done. :)

Alright, let's go to the comments section, shall weh?

Okay, as you can see from here, there's my comments, my friend's comments and those fucker's comments too. Let's just say they're dumb fuckers, so to speak. Here's how it happens outside of FB when I type and read the comments...

When my friend leave a comment and says that she wants to see Snake's pelvic thrusting, I laughed a little because she really love to see Snake doing pelvic thrusting and I thought like, "Hmm, pelvic thrusting... I think it's a good idea for a separate animation project" so I replied and I joked when I say "Just wait for the half of the video" but my thoughts are like, "I don't think I'm gonna add it here 'cause it looks kinda awkward with a Brunei flag on the background" so I take that idea and put on a different animation project, which you can watch it here:-

And then here comes the douche bag #1; Nabil Sam, leaving a question comment about a Brunei flag.
My friend, which is a girl BTW, replied his comments, mention the video that's made in Brunei which is I LOL'd a bit.

And then again, here comes the douche bag #2; Angelus Zulhazmi Zainal, who actually THINKS that there's gonna be a pelvic thrusting in the video.

So I replied his comment and I say this is not my idea, but it was my friend's.

But him, being too typical about everything, goes saying something like this:-


And my reaction was like this:-

Whoaw, now that's a harsh one. LOL!

And then here comes douche bag #2, supporting on what douche bag #1 do and say (and vice-versa IRL), leaving a comment that made my face goes like this:-

...Yep, my reaction in real life.

Then my friend tries to calm the douche bags down which I thought it's not really working on them because they're still discussing about that "pelvic thrusting" and that is, douche bag #2 starts to threat me to take the video down by saying:-

"I'm sorry but please take this out right away."

^This comment, just made my face goes like this...

...What the fuck, man.

What's up with your minds, dudes? Have you guys already take your medications lately? You should have a check up with your doctors pretty soon because I think you guys have a brain damage. Oh, and I LOL'D when you say to take the video down. I'm laughing so hard because this is like YouTube all over again with a bunch of negative comments on one particular video. LMFAO!

So anyways, going back to the topic.

My friend, who I think she feels the heat, replying Zulhazmi's comment and he seems accepting... a bit. Not long after that, he posted a Harlem Shake reaction video which I already watched that before he even posted and I'm like...

Ugh... Dumb fuckers will never learn... >_>

But then, there's someone who actually lives in United States, telling all the fact points about the video and telling him that he's a JACKASS WHO'S OFFENDED BY SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS THE FLAG HE WANTS TO DEFEND.

And again, with his last dumb question, he asked this...

Even with pelvic thrusting?

^Again, with the pelvic thrusting thing. You know, I don't really get it why he's still stuck on that "pelvic thrusting" shit. If he hates it so much, why not just go and boycott and tell everybody you hate it and see if they care. He always stuck on his mind on a fucking pelvic thrusting and I completely have no idea why he's still thinking about it while me and the others already explained about it. But you know these douche bags, they never understand a single word because these guys are DUMB. They are really DUMB. (Fo' real~...)

So the next comment would be the guy who lives in States, answering his question and Zulhazmi, feeling a bit heat, I assume, leaving only a simple 2 words comment... "I see".

I don't know until this day if they really understand or they just ignoring them because they're a bunch of dumb fuckers who doesn't like people do what they always do. But heck, that's what they really are and that's who they really are. Just your typical dumb people who wants to boss around even though the stuff is yours, but they treat it as if it's theirs. And they minding my business at first place which I really don't like the most because I don't want to mind people's business... and they started it.

And that's all for my latest post. I hope you guys enjoy reading this long drama post and see you guys next time. ;)

Oh, and this is my treat to those 2 douche fucks...

"How are you going to get it back?"

At some point, I always wondering myself why all these cosplay props and costumes are far more expensive than video game consoles or action figures.

The prices for them is only around B$10 - B$500+ or so, but for costumes or cosplay props, they're like, starting from B$50+ - B$1500+, almost the same price as Samsung or iPhone smartphones.

Then entering a costume competition, won a first place and you get B$200 as a prize. To think this far, if I only get B$200 on 1st Place in cosplay competition for my B$1500 costume, that means in total of the costume that I made is B$1300.

If that so, then why should I make a costume that costs B$1500 while winning the competition can only get me B$200? I'd rather not entering at all. Heck, I'd rather having a job to get more money instead of simply entering the competition.

Yeah, it is part of our hobby, but if I were you, I would think twice on which stuff I should spend. I won't be spending my entire wallet to the expensive props and costumes just for the sake of hobby. Instead, I'll be spending to something more useful, something that can help me a bit. Like computers, for example.

Let me ask you this; how are you going to cover up your cosplay budget? For example, your cosplay budget is around, - not really expensive -, B$200. How are you going to get it back with the same amount of your budget WITHOUT ANY HELP OR INVOLVED your job? No, I don't say ANYONE, I say JOB.

I always asking myself how to cover up my cosplay budget without my job getting involved. However, I do have several answers to that question of mine, though I can't tell what it is. It is up to you on how to handle that question I have. But note that this question isn't for you, but for me as well. All of us, that is. How or what stuff you come up to with depends on you.

"The Easy Way of Cosplay..."

After reading the rules of cosplay, I think I find it pretty simple to follow. It's just like any other rules that we always have; do not let people glomped you, pose when people wanna take picture of you, bring your character to life a. k. a. "role-playing" and that's all.

At first, I thought the rules was quite difficult and can be annoying when there's a strict rules for cosplay (and I didn't thought that the rules can be a serious issue to among cosplayers if they break one of them which it makes me think twice about cosplaying) so I take the easy way of cosplay and not going to be so serious about it.

But of course, there's some important rules of cosplay that needs to be followed as such to avoid any "tragic" incidents, like saying bad things about their costumes, hating the cosplayers (this always happens, ain't it?), having a fight between the cosplayers and etc.

For newbie cosplayers, I suggest we should not push them too hard as they do not know anything about cosplaying. We should teach them the basic of cosplaying by telling them bit-by-bit, not just directly saying "if you're not following the rules, then GTFO of cosplay community" and that's just wrong. That'lll bringing down the image of cosplay so again, do not push too hard. Let them mix whatever character they want to like that Assassin cosplayer with the Captain America shield.

He may not know much about cosplay and so he decided to dress up as an Assassin and mix it with the shield. But if we teach them the basic knowledge of cosplay, then he'll be like, "Oh, so that's cosplay. This is interesting. I wanna know more".

Just treat them nicely. Don't just go and say "Hey, you should follow the rules or else you're not welcomed to the cosplay community anymore". That's not my style. But of course, you guys have different style of teaching than me but I'm hopefully that if you gonna teach the newbies of cosplay, please treat them nicely. I don't want to see people leaving the cosplay community because of those harsh tones and those strong words that you put into them. Be nice with the newbies. :)

And I guess that's all for another long post of mine and see you guys later on the next post. ;)

Kingdom Hearts: Mickey Mouse as a "pawn"?

Just spoke with an anonymous chatter about Kingdom Hearts. It was about Mickey Mouse.

He said that Mickey Mouse should be the main protagonist in the game since it's a Disney/SE collaboration game. In his point of view, he saw Mickey Mouse as a "supportive character" in the game, almost as if he's a "pawn" through out all the KH games although he helped Sora and the others solving their problems.

"When Mickey asking for help, did they help him? Like hell they will." The anonymous chatter added. "He was so dumb he's being used all this time since the beginning of the game. How the fuck does he not know of this? Why's he so dumb enough?"

"He got the magical power, he wield a keyblade, he owns a castle, he got his wife and kids, he got lots of treasure chests, he got everything! He deserves to be the protagonist throughout all the KH games, I tell you!" < at this point, this is where I think he's a Disney fanboy, but he proved me wrong by saying, "I played all Disney games and Square Enix's games and I got no problem with the protagonists at all. But this is BOTH company games we're talking about."

"When are we gonna play as one of the characters from Disney? Can they atleast share one of Disney's character to play as a protagonist? As in, in side-story missions. Telling each of the character's story of what happen to the Kingdom Hearts world. The origins of Kingdom Hearts before the Keyblade wielders exist in Kingdom Hearts world."

When the anonymous chatter points out all the facts and the stories about the game, I was speechless. I mean, I don't know what to say afterwards when I heard Mickey being used as a "pawn". Yes, I do realized that he helped them and them not helping back, but that doesn't mean I can just go rant about the game and give shit about it.

...That said, the anonymous chatter also said that, "Whoever ignores all these facts, are completely Heartless and a Nobody."

So that means... I'm a Heartless person, then. The one who always ignore the truth behind the lies.

But this is just a game, right? Nothing personal feelings. Just another fanboy ranting all about this crap... But then again...

Ah, shit. I can't even think straight when I heard him saying that... Damn you, anonymous chatter.

AZONE International Kuroshitsuji II Sebastian Michaelis Figure Review

Hey, guys! What's happening, fellas? :D

Yeah, I know I've been gone for too long and it's like as if this blog is half-dead. Well, that's because I've been busy these days with my works and stuff and I don't have to post anything on this blog. Right now, I'm currently active on Facebook 'cause I mostly update my status there so if you guys wanna add me, you can click on the link below:-

MunirBinJulaihi's Facebook profile

Now back to the topic. It's been for a long, loooo~ng time since I made a figure reviews like HOT TOYS and Medicom figures. It's been for like, a year now... I think. Now that I'm back on collecting more toys, it's time for me to make a review of it. It's my main hobby after all. :)

So today, I want to introduce you to my new and latest toy collection which I bought 2 days ago...

Well, not exactly a toy. More like a fashion doll instead, just like those HOT TOYS or Medicom figures. And yep, it's from the famous animé for otaku fans; Kuroshitsuji.

At first, when I see the picture of the doll, I was like, "Hmm... this looks nice. But I don't think gonna buy this one." because that time, I wasn't really focusing on Kuroshitsuji. But when I heard that AZONE is making a VERY LIMITED UNITS of him, I was like, "WHAT?! No way! Limited units?! Dammit, I need to get this one before it's too late!" and so I asked my friend to pre-order it for me and when I finally picked up the doll, I was like, "Phew~... Luckily I pre-order the doll before it got sold out, or else I would regret it for not having this doll..."

Tell you the truth, I like buying something that's "Limited", "Rare" and/or "Unique". I don't like buying something that's not from one of these 3 categories. Why? Because I like buying rare stuff, like this Kuroshitsuji doll. I tell you, if I find something rare or unique, I TOTALLY gonna buy that stuff no matter what.

Anyways, back to the topic (again). The Sebastian Michaelis doll was pretty nice but some people complaining about his face, saying that "it's a bit off" or "looks weird". Well, I find it nothing.

Looks pretty normal to me, except that his face does shows a bit of... 'rape' face. I mean, he's got a smile on his face and a pretty eyes. Yeah, I said that. He got a "pretty eyes" on him. I think that's what most fangirls love about this doll. Fangirls does have a weird tastes, don't they? LOL! XD

So, without further ado, here's my review of the figure with pictures of him:- (Note: These photos are taken by me, so don't you ever try to stole this images with your name on it, 'kay?)

AZONE International logo on the top left of the front box.

"Asterisk Collection" on the top right of the front box.

Sebastian Michaelis figure inside the box. See that face? Yep, that's his smiling face. His face does shows a bit of 'rape' face instead of a simple "happy smile".

"Asterisk Collection No. 002: Sebastian Michaelis". In case you guys didn't notice, this is the second doll from a part of "Asterisk Collection". The first one is Ciel Phantomhive in his "Undercover" outfit. I knew this because I saw the picture of Ciel when I was browsing around about the Sebastian Michaelis figure.

A small "Aniplex" sticker on the front of the box.

A "WARNING/Caution" sign on the bottom of the box.

A logo on the back of the box.

Closer look of the "Phantomhive" logo at the back of the box.

A description of the figure.

Right-side of the box showing a black-colored flower.

Leftt-side of the box showing a white-colored flower. A black flower on the right and a white flower on the left... Hmm. I wonder what that means.

The box of the figure with a "door" open. Kinda similar to that of those HOT TOYS and Medicom figure boxes.

Sebastian Michaelis figure, still in the box... and he's looking at the camera with his 'rape' face.

Unboxing Sebastian Michaelis figure while still in the plastic box. This is different from other 12" action figures that I mostly got. It has another box inside the box. That kinda reminds me of this one meme line...

"Yo dawg! I heard you like boxes, so I put box in yo box so you can unbox while you unboxing."

Famous meme line in the internet history. LOL! XD

A closer look of Sebastian Michaelis figure with his 'rape' face. "Why is he smiling?" Don't ask why.

As you can see, he still got his clock on his pocket even though he's just a doll. Well, you know him. He never late for his work 'cause he's one hell of a butler. ;)

At the back of the plastic box where Sebastian still stuck inside the plastic box, you'll see a bunch of interchangeable hands and a few pegs for the figure. Hmm, not bad. I wish HOT TOYS or Medicoms should do this, too. I mean, instead of putting those interchangeable hands on the box, they should've put them separately in a plastic or something and put it inside a box, just like this picture. That way, it's safer.

Ciel's "Sleepwear" outfit. This a pre-order gift bonus item, which means that you can only get this outfit if you pre-order it by 27th of October last year (27 October, 2011), but I pre-order this figure around December, 2011.

Sebastian Michaelis doll, out of the plastic box, but...

...his head is still wrapped in plastic. The main reason why his head is wrapped in plastic because of his hair. Wow... AZONE knows how to handle the quality. Nicely done, AZONE. :)

I don't know what that thing is called, but I do know that it has a "Phantomhive" logo on it if you see it carefully.

Remember about that clock thing that I mentioned earlier? Forget it. He doesn't HAVE any clock in his pocket. It's just a normal chains. I thought he have his clock in his pocket... Oh well. Atleast he's still one hell of a butler. ;)

Sebastian Michaelis' head after taking the plastic out of his head. Good gracious... His 'rape' face.

Taking it from the right-angle. ...Why is he still looking at the camera? Damn, this doll is creepy...

Taking it from the left-angle. Well, atleast he didn't look at the camera this time...

His "Yes, my lord" pose. Again, he's looking at the camera. What the hell is up with this doll?

A pose that something came up in my mind. I don't know how many times I see Sebastian try to seduce fangirls by his girly-looking face and his erotic poses, but... I guess that's what he always do in his everyday life when Ciel is away.

...And he's looking at the camera again with his 'rape' face. I guess he likes camera so much, huh?

Sebastian Michaelis without his jacket. Yep, he's just like any other 12" action figures, he can be UNDRESSED-TO-NAKED. Yeah, I can see in your eyes. You fangirls LOVE to see him undress, don't you? ;)

And that's all for the pictures of the Sebastian Michaelis figure. For my final overall review... Hmm, let's see...

1.) The box was a bit small but pretty nice, neat and clean.
2.) Simple and not so hard to unbox the figure.
3.) Putting the interchangeable hands separately in safer place.
4.) The doll is a pretty light. Yeah, the doll is pretty light than other 12" action figures that I have and most of them are a bit heavy.
5.) Nice plastic vinyl hair.
6.) Can be dressed-to-full and undressed-to-naked.

And... well, this figure is good, nothing bad at all. The quality of the figure's body is almost similar to that of Medicom body figures, though. But still it's a good figure.

This is a MUST-HAVE for all Kuroshitsuji fans so if you wanna buy one, you can get it right over here:-

AZONE Int. Kuroshitsuji II Sebastian Michaelis 1/6 Doll

Note that there will be NO CIEL'S SLEEPWEAR OUTFIT for this doll figure. And the price for this figure is U$199.90, but now it's U$191.89 but I suggest you should BUY this figure before the offer expires and before it's too late. I can sense that a lot of fangirls would wanna get their hands of this figure...

And that's all for the figure review of today and see you guys later in the next figure review. ;)

Feds taking down Megaupload?!

Yep, you heard that. I just woke up today just to hear some bad news and that is; the feds are taking down Megaupload.

I know how most of you guys felt about hearing the site has been taken down by the feds and I too felt about it, and this is just too much! I mean, what the hell are they thinking?!

Megaupload, one of the largest file-sharing site, a place where all users can upload their stuff like tools for programs and apps, a useful tutorial videos for beginners, an origami bird papercraft, mods for GTA SA and GTA IV and all that kinda stuff. Yeah, it was fun, but not until SOPA is involved.

And when SOPA is involved, everything is ruined. All the tools, all the videos, all the mods for video games, is gone. ALL GONE! Thanks to that stupid guy Lamar for taking it down. Now I can't mod my game.

What is this, all of a sudden? Why does this guy want to take down Megaupload? Just because he heard that people are uploading illegal musics and videos on the internet doesn't mean that the website is allowing piracies. Someone already did try to upload it on Megaupload BUT the site denies the file because "it's violating their terms of use".

See? They even have their rules, too. But now, the feds are taking down the website and now it's going to be closed permanently. This is bullshit, for real.

Oh yeah, in case you guys wanna know about the news regarding Megaupload, you can check these several useful sites:- Gets Hit By Mega Piracy Indictment - ABC News

Feds Take Down Megaupload - Escapist Magazine

Feds Shutter Megaupload, Arrest Executives - Wired News

Feds Kill Megaupload (Updated) -

Megaupload Taken Down On Piracy Allegations -

File-Sharing Site Megaupload Shut Down Over Piracy, Execs Indicted - PC Mags

Anonymous Reacts to Megaupload Takedown With “Largest Attack Ever: -

Megaupload finished: Feds shut down file-sharing giant without SOPA -

Anonymous Retaliates for Megaupload Shutdown, Attacks DOJ, Others - PCWorld

MegaUpload file sharing site shut down for piracy by Feds - Los Angeles Times

Swizz Beatz's Megaupload Site Shut Down By Federal Prosecutors

Anonymous Goes on Megaupload Revenge Spree -

FBI shuts down, Anonymous hit back - Herald Sun

And there are other several useful sites regarding the news about Megaupload. And I think that's all I could post right now and see you guys later.

***UPDATE 9:42 AM (20/1/2012)***

Anonymous has posted a video after the feds taking down the Megaupload website, and here's their video response to those who taking down the site:-

2012 is here...

Hey, guys! This is me, and I just wanna say...


...Well, now that you guys caught my attention, there's something that I would like to talk with you for a bit...

This is it... 2012. Some say that it is the end of the world, and some say that it's the end of Mayan calendar. I'm not saying that I believe these 2012 beliefs, but last night, me and my friends were sitting down at the chair and having a dinner.

Suddenly, we heard a neighbor next door, yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" with their friends, but me and my friends are not. A few seconds after that, there was a lightning. So I take a look at the outside of the window, and I see 2 more lightnings from the sky, but it was far from our place. I showed my friends about what happen at the outside and they seeing it, too. Not long after that, we heard the sound of the radio is getting louder and louder.

They were having a party. But when we look at the sky, there were more lightnings coming from the sky. And we knew that lighting is a bad sign for us all, and we could feel that this year... will be the bad year for us all.

God is angry... God is mad... He is mad to all of us 'cause we did not say His name on the first day of new year. So, to all my Muslim friends, please. Please call His name for He is our God for eternity. Please remember Him as He is the one who gives life to all of us. And PLEASE... do not forget Him.

...That's all I could say for now.

Facepunch is a bunch of whiners...

Hey, guys! Sorry for not being able to post anything here 'cause I've been busy with works and events that I'm going to attend. Lots of stuff happening lately and I'm pretty busy with my Facebook, too.

Anyways, I just went to this one site which I think most of you guys are familiar with it and I read this one thread and when I was reading the whole thread, there's this one poster who actually knew how to rip models and contents from a PS3 games. But there's 3 to 4 people who are a bunch of whiners who kept saying that "it's impossible to rip models from a console game" and one of them seems like as if he doesn't believe what he said about ripping stuff from PS3 game by saying,

...but Chroxx proved him wrong. So, he posted 2 images of a ripped model from a PS3 game, which is this:-

But there's another user who does not believes it and denies it by saying,

And since these guys doesn't believe it at all and still with their "impossible to rip PS3 games" conversation shit, Chroxx posted another 2 images and this time, he shows 2 extracted models from the famous and popular video game ever in PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4...

And he also realized that Chroxx is from Xentax, and that he apologizes it by saying,

And since then, a lot of people seems to ask him to rip models from Heavy Rain until there's this one user who is seems protesting about it and says,

...but Exorade responded by saying,

...but xalener, still protest and yet ignorant, responded by saying,

...and as you can see it from here, you guys might already knew that the members from Facepunch is filled with nothing but a bunch of whiners and lazy bums who would like to download and never give credits to the author. Why? 'Cause it fills with fat kids who likes to steal stuff!

LOL! Just kidding. 'Cause they're thieves.

They like to download stuff and never give credits to the original ripper, no matter what the model is. And besides, like I said, they're a bunch of whiners and lazy bums. Whiners, as in, they want someone to release the models as possible, and once the ripper doesn't have any plans to release them, they'll be whining like a bitch and forcing them to release it just for themselves. And once they got the stuff they want, they leave it just like that and then claim it as their own. And that's one of the reason why I don't like Facepunch. They're a bunch of whiners... >.>

And that's all for the post, I hope you guys enjoy reading the post and oh, in case you wondering which thread I got this from, it's here:-

Heavy Rain Models

See ya! ;)