"The Easy Way of Cosplay..."

After reading the rules of cosplay, I think I find it pretty simple to follow. It's just like any other rules that we always have; do not let people glomped you, pose when people wanna take picture of you, bring your character to life a. k. a. "role-playing" and that's all.

At first, I thought the rules was quite difficult and can be annoying when there's a strict rules for cosplay (and I didn't thought that the rules can be a serious issue to among cosplayers if they break one of them which it makes me think twice about cosplaying) so I take the easy way of cosplay and not going to be so serious about it.

But of course, there's some important rules of cosplay that needs to be followed as such to avoid any "tragic" incidents, like saying bad things about their costumes, hating the cosplayers (this always happens, ain't it?), having a fight between the cosplayers and etc.

For newbie cosplayers, I suggest we should not push them too hard as they do not know anything about cosplaying. We should teach them the basic of cosplaying by telling them bit-by-bit, not just directly saying "if you're not following the rules, then GTFO of cosplay community" and that's just wrong. That'lll bringing down the image of cosplay so again, do not push too hard. Let them mix whatever character they want to like that Assassin cosplayer with the Captain America shield.

He may not know much about cosplay and so he decided to dress up as an Assassin and mix it with the shield. But if we teach them the basic knowledge of cosplay, then he'll be like, "Oh, so that's cosplay. This is interesting. I wanna know more".

Just treat them nicely. Don't just go and say "Hey, you should follow the rules or else you're not welcomed to the cosplay community anymore". That's not my style. But of course, you guys have different style of teaching than me but I'm hopefully that if you gonna teach the newbies of cosplay, please treat them nicely. I don't want to see people leaving the cosplay community because of those harsh tones and those strong words that you put into them. Be nice with the newbies. :)

And I guess that's all for another long post of mine and see you guys later on the next post. ;)