Currently on Hiatus...

Hey, guys. Sorry for not updating my blog, but I have some bad news...


Why? Here's the reasons why:-

1.) Got nothing to kitbashed, just same old figures all over and over again.

2.) Got no new figures.

3.) Got no money to spend on figures.

4.) Currently stress 'cause I got no money.

and 5.)Try to release my tension since I'm stress.

Man, I wish I have lots of money to spend to.

Plus, MGS: Peace Walker is around the corner, HOT TOYS Jill Valentine will be released around Q3, a new MGS figure will be released around June, and I haven't buy another MGS3 Cold War version. I already made a promise to Mike that I'm going to buy him soon, but... when? And worst, I pay all of my money to debts.

Shit... everything is went to shit...

Shit, shit, shit...
Well I guess that's how I end up being hiatus. I feel like I don't wanna post anymore 'cause I got no money. "No money, no talk". And also, "No money, no life."

And I think that's the post of the day. :/