Yep, you heard that right. KH2 Action Figure. I just bought it a couple of days ago from Chong Hock. There's some other figures, too, such as Roxas, Sora and Kairi. You should go there if you wanna buy those if you interested. Oh, right. About Axel, here's the images:-

The front view of the box.

The back view of the box. You can see Sora, Roxas and Kairi at the left side of the box. Meaning there's another figure if you wanna buy one.

Another front view of the box.

Another back view of the box.

A closer look of Axel's face. Damn, my camera... It's too dark to see!

And that's all for my Axel figure. Oh yeah, you guys must be asking how much for the price? You know how much? Easy... It's $29.90. Yep, you heard that right. $29.90. Cheap, huh? But the quality is cheap, too, which I broke is hand... T_T

But don't worry, I recovered his hand by not using tape. ^.^

Actually, about this FF figures, there's another shop selling the FF figures, that goes by the name "Dee Jay HOME MUSIC VIDEO". I just went there last night to see some more FF figures, and wow, those are VERY expensive... $99.90 per one figure?! Shit... But I did bought some figure from there. It's Vincent Valentine. The vinyl's quality is excellent. And yet, I can see the "Made In China, Publised by SQUARE ENIX®, etc., etc." at the back of Vincent's body.

The figures from CH is, well, I only can see "Disney©" at the bottom of his left shoe. The quality is okay, though.

My recommendation you say? I'd say...

DEPENDS ON YOU. Whether you want from Dee Jay Mall or CH Kiulap. If me, I'd say both of them. I buy from Dee Jay if CH doesn't have one, and I buy from CH if Dee Jay doesn't have the figure like CH do.

And like usual, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)