Feds taking down Megaupload?!

Yep, you heard that. I just woke up today just to hear some bad news and that is; the feds are taking down Megaupload.

I know how most of you guys felt about hearing the site has been taken down by the feds and I too felt about it, and this is just too much! I mean, what the hell are they thinking?!

Megaupload, one of the largest file-sharing site, a place where all users can upload their stuff like tools for programs and apps, a useful tutorial videos for beginners, an origami bird papercraft, mods for GTA SA and GTA IV and all that kinda stuff. Yeah, it was fun, but not until SOPA is involved.

And when SOPA is involved, everything is ruined. All the tools, all the videos, all the mods for video games, is gone. ALL GONE! Thanks to that stupid guy Lamar for taking it down. Now I can't mod my game.

What is this, all of a sudden? Why does this guy want to take down Megaupload? Just because he heard that people are uploading illegal musics and videos on the internet doesn't mean that the website is allowing piracies. Someone already did try to upload it on Megaupload BUT the site denies the file because "it's violating their terms of use".

See? They even have their rules, too. But now, the feds are taking down the website and now it's going to be closed permanently. This is bullshit, for real.

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And there are other several useful sites regarding the news about Megaupload. And I think that's all I could post right now and see you guys later.

***UPDATE 9:42 AM (20/1/2012)***

Anonymous has posted a video after the feds taking down the Megaupload website, and here's their video response to those who taking down the site:-