So, looks like someone already "cracked" the code. Well, actually there's 2 people who got it right, but the others got confused. Up to 4 or 5 people who answered this code and here's what they say:-

1.) Muhsin (Shin):- "Simple, it's MGS parody."
2.) Hanif (Double H):- "MGS?" (He ALMOST got it right, but he have this "?" at the end of the sentence.)
3.) Flare (don't know her real name):- "All I could see is M... *squints my eye* o_e"
4.) Izzudin (Skyl):- "Can't see anything..."
5.) Bobby:- "I don't know..."

Only Muhsin got the right answer while the others only got 40-50% correct. So for those who don't know what's this code means, let me explain to you.

But first, let's see the first pic right here:-

Like I said before, there's 3 HIDDEN LETTERS in this pic, although it's hard to find even myself. What all we see here is just a letter M which it's stands for MUNIR (that's my name. xP). And here's the rest of the missing letters:-

Yes, there's 3 HIDDEN LETTERS, exactly. One is M, which is very easy to see, one is T, which almost a LOT of people don't have any clue to find it. And one is R, where it's easy-but-difficult to find. You can see the R letter at the right of the pic, and it's too small to see.

And that's for the hidden letters. Now, let's move on to the numbers and symbols. Try to see the very first pic above. There's 6 numbers and 2 symbols. I wonder what these numbers for? Well, if you ask that yourself, here's a bit guide:-

3 - E
4 - A
6 - G
7 - L

If you arrange these numbers-to-letters, it will be like this:-

And speaking of numbers, let's move back to letters. Now that we have 3 letters (M, T, R), let's put these letters with the numbers, shall we?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's "M3T47 634R" w/o "50L1D" (METAL GEAR SOLID, if you can't read the numbers.)

That's for the letters and the numbers. Now, let's move on to the last one; the symbols.

I know a lot of you people know what it means by this:- "!¡".

It's one of the famous MGS symbols with a [?] [!] marks on their heads. But for those who don't know yet, here's what it means:-

The ! and ¡ is actually a letter, which you can see the ¡ that looks like an "i". Meaning, that there's actually two "i"s inside the pic. And that "i"s stands for:-

Yes, a "D¡G¡RAMA", or simply DiGiRAMA.

And for the last pic for today's post, here it is:-

Be sure to view it in ORiGiNAL SiZE. To view it, click the image or right-click the image and select "Open Link in New Tab".

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoying (or a bit disappointing) and see you guys sooner or later. ;)