I'm BACK from the Land of *CENSORED*/"Kitbashing" Albert Wesker - Day 5

Hey, guys! I'm back again! I know it's been for months now since I was gone. Where did I gone, you ask?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I just visit this land of ***i, where there's a LOT of pretty **n and **ys. And the land was filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies. It's like I was living in *****n. But now I'm glad that I'm back.

So, what's today's post? Nothing usual, really. Just another kitbashed Wesker I made a few weeks ago.
Here's the images:-

This is Wesker, with his new outfit... Well, not really. He's just using Snake's sneaking outfit 'cause Snake doesn't want to wear it anymore since he got a new threads for him. So he gave it to Wesker.

Close-up view of Wesker.

You can see that he's wearing a shoulder pad like Snake did.

He also wears the shoulder pad and the knee pad. You can see the knee pad below.

Oh yeah, I haven't tell you this; he's wearing a holster to put Snake's trusted SOCOM and an extra belt to put his Satan Deux M29, which means he can carry up to 3 weapons. You can see the weapons below:-

Close-up view.

Wesker pointing a SOCOM.

Close-up angle view.

Front view.

Wesker holding his MP5 weapon.

Wekser in his "Ready" position.

Close-up view.

Wesker holding his Satan Deux M29.

Close-up view.
(Note:- Did you know that his face reminds me of someone?
Clue #1:- A guy working on RTB. He got his own blog, too.
Clue #2:- I sell one of my RE5 figures to him with a price of $100 since I need money that time.)

Wesker in his "Shooting" postion.

Close-up view. "Go ahead! Make my day!"

And that's all for today's post, guys. I know it's not that much since today is His Majesty's birthday.

(Man, I can't believe that we still need to do some preparations for him... Can we just take a break for atleast 1-2 years without even celebrate his birthday? I mean, we ALL have birthdays, but does he knows about our birthdays? Never! But for his sake, guess we gotta do it for him. Talk about "back-to-the-child " disease.)

So, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

We're just chillin'. Wanna join in with us?