It's been a long time I wanted to show you how many "Death Note" books I got. And it's been for 2 years since I bought my first "Death Note" and it still in good condition.

I have 5 "Death Note" books. 3 normal size "Death Note" books, 2 replica size "Death Note" books, and 1 Misa Amane's "Death Note" book. And now, here's a couple of images of my "Death Note" books:-

All my "Death Note" books, including the replicas.

Both of my replica books in a good shape, no damages.

Yep, no damage at all. Well, there's only one damaged. The second one. You can see the book cover that has a bit "teared".

This is my first "Death Note" I bought somewhere...

My second note which is in the good condition (not the "damaged" one).
It contains all the rules from both animé and movie.

All the names are included from the animé version. Wow, I guess Light was left all of his "work" to the "owner of Death Note" which is, who owns the "Death Note" books.

Light's name at the end of the page. Oh, and sorry about those "grey lines". It's my camera's fault, not mine. It's actually kinda corrupted all of a sudden, I don't know why. Maybe it's a curse? o.O

The closer look of Light's name.

Another closer look of Light's name. It's very detailed and yet,
very accurate.

Now for the quiz and I hope you can answer this question. Very easy question, I'd say.

In all "Death Note" books that I have right here, one of them are contains REAL NAMES from the REAL WORLD. And the others are either fake, or no names. Tell me, which one is the "REAL DEATH NOTE"?

If you got it right, that means you're kinda smart even without looking inside.
If you got it wrong, that means you need to learn which one is real and which one is not by looking the books without even looking inside or by not touching them.

And I'll post the answer after a few days... if you got the answer.

I'll see you sooner or later, as usual. ;)