NANA -ナナ- Mini CD Collection Keychains

***UPDATE*** 14/2/2013:-
The keychains are now sold.

No, not real CD. It's just a keychains. The keychains are very cute and beautiful, especially the designs. In every mini CD Cover, there's also a different patterns. There's a "love", "strawberry", and some of the patterns that is suit to the young teenagers. Here are some of the images:-

"1 set of NANA Mini CD Collection"

"1 set of NANA Mini CD Collection" with a Mini CD outside.

The size and the shape of NANA Mini CD is as same as 20¢ Brunei.

Nice shot, isn't it? Heheheh....

Complete with the "side cover" that is similar to the REAL Audio CDs.

From Vol. 1 to Vol. 7.

Wow. I didn't realize that it can be arranged like a REAL Audio CDs.

Top view of  "1 set of NANA Mini CD Collection".

Detailed "NANA" Logo.

It comes with the small plastic bags as the image above. I think I bought this for 1 set cost me B$25. Damn, $25? That's expensive. But if you're interested about the Mini CD Collection, I can sell it to you. The price for 1 set is $23. So, if you interested in this Mini CD Collection, you can leave a message at:-

Or just send an SMS to:- +6737124856.

In the next post, I'm going to show you the INSIDE of Chong Hock Kiulap. (Even though you already know what's the inside of the shop, though...)