DevMeet no more?

Yes, DevMeet, a place where all the cosplayers gathered there to have fun and enjoy themselves.Yep, DevMeet. I actually read this "DevMeet" somewhere here:- and this is what Riki says,

"Due to some individuals taking over our place of our committee without our consent, we will back out from this cooperation. From now on, Dev Meet will have nothing to do with us. We are just normal cosplayers and we were never part of the Dev Meet in the first place. We're just there to help out our friends in order to make the event much more entertaining and lively.

And since the whole thing has come to an end, in the next Dev Meet, we will be just normal cosplayers and we will NOT be held responsible for anything that happened during the actual event itself.

If we're not welcomed and if this message had served to offend some individuals, then we are sorry to say that we will not be participating in the next meet. The meet is supposed to be a place where we can have fun and for individuals to share hobbies and etc. Since some individuals had decided to take our place over in charge of the cosplay section, then we will back out from this.

Thus, from now on, the Dev Meet forum will be permanently deleted."

Well, that's about it. But if I were him, I won't let it go THAT easy.For example, if the place has been taken by someone else, don't think about "ENDING UP". If they think about ending the DevMeet, they're more like "GIVING UP". We don't have to think about "GIVING UP", but we need to give a little bit more focus on it, just like "CONSUMER FAIR" held at ICC. Why did they still doing consumer fairs until now? 'Cause they're not giving up. Instead, they MORE focusing on it and then think about what will be the next fair. Maybe there's gonna be expos, or maybe something new?

That's why these people always doing a hardwork so that the fair will be more entertainingSo like this guy, if I were him, I gotta think about some other place, like say, at Kiulap, or at Bandar, or any other place as long as not too far. (If me, I'd say, it's Kiulap, because that's where my shop is. :P )

But since this guy doesn't take too serious, well, what can I say? I can't do anything, "but just let it slip".
Well, anyway, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next post.