Charlie Hebdo shooting incident; a strategic plan.

I've heard about this Charlie Hebdo shooting incidents almost everywhere including Facebook, Twitter and local newspapers, so I give it a read...

I don't know much about Charlie Hebdo so my knowledge about it is little, but what I do like to talk about is, how the gunmen could shoot atleast 10-12 people inside that building and then escape. This is how my thoughts are...

Arrived with a black car and out carrying an AK-47s.

A gunmen pointing his AK-47 at Ahmed Merabet.

When I look at the picture when it was first emerged from my Facebook, they arrived with a black car and see 2 gunmen going out of their vehicle with their combat gears and then run up towards the police officer, Ahmed Merabet, and shoot in his head. Then, they bust into the building, killing 10-12 people, hijack a car and escape with it. It's like, they already make these plans before doing it. It's like they know when and where it's gonna happen and then execute when the time's right. If you think about it, it's like you're watching an action movie, except this is real and no actors are involved in this.

It's a strategic plan, I have to say that.

According to some resources I found, these guys are actually a "military professionals" who have a "combat experience" and they're both Algerian Muslims. Another info of these guys is that they're a member of "Al-Qaeda of Yemen". I'm not quite sure about them being a member of "Al-Qaeda" as, like I said before, I don't know a thing about this Charlie Hebdo thingamajig, but if this is who they are, then I guess that's how they came up with such plan. It's like Grand Theft Auto V, but real life...

So I guess that's the post for today and I hope you guys enjoy reading this short post of mine and I'm really sorry if this is too short 'cause I just want to share my thoughts about the shooting and not the entire "Charlie Hebdo" thing and I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

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