HOT TOYS Assassin's Creed II Ezio Video Reviews ~ Munir

Wow, finally! I've done making and uploading my "HOT TOYS Assassin's Creed II Ezio" video reviews! That kinda took a bit while...

Sorry if I'm posting this a bit late 'cause I was posting the same post at my other blog, which you can visit my other blog on the right sidebar.

So anyways, since I've done uploading all the videos, you can watch all the videos though this playlist by clicking the image right here:-

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Credits goes to idumbi from deviantART for the Animus Wallpaper.

And that's all for the post, I hope you guys enjoy the videos, and see you guys later!


Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Tokyo

Some of you guys have heard and seen the photos of "HT 10th Anni. Exhibition in Tokyo", right?

I know you guys were so pumped-up about the new license that HT got and even I, myself, PUMPED-FUCKING-UP about the "METAL GEAR SOLID" figures! OMGWTFBBQ, I need to find myself a DOZEN of DIAZEPAMS!

So anyways, I saw their photos and I was really excited seeing new figures been made, but there's only one thing that disappoints me, is the Cyborg Ninja Gray Fox from MGS1. They re-used some Iron Man parts to  his body, but I think that it was just a prototype and it's not the final product, so I'm guessing that it's just for display and not sale, perhaps.

Here's the picture of the Cyborg Ninja Gray Fox from MGS1:-

See what I mean? It's not that great, but like I said, maybe it's their "prototype", not THE final product. I'm was hoping that they're going to make the figures from ALL THE CHARACTERS from the series, 'cause I wanna grab 'em first before anyone else since I "LOVE" Metal Gear Solid SO MUCH that I even cry myself to tears listening to "The Best is Yet to Come" from the MGS OST. Really love that song. T_T

And that's all for the post, and enjoy the pictures below. See ya! ;)

Credits goes to for the pictures.

I'm back! Missed me? xD

Hey guys! I'm back!

Wow, it's been for like what, 3 months now? Man, I'm started to miss this blog. LOL! Anyways, I'm glad that I'm back and glad to see some familiar faces here. And I think I'll be start posting starting by tomorrow!



Guys, I think I have a bad news to report here that I think I'm going to close this blog TEMPORALLY... I think.

Besides, I'm not active in this blog anymore, BUT I moved on to a new spot with a better place with new layout. Well, actually I use some sample layouts to fit my blog, but I'll try to change the whole layout with a custom header and some custom designs if I have time

And this is my new current blog and I recently active there:-


Oh yeah, btw, this new blog of mine has a "security protection" by Ameba itself, so any rant or unusual comments will be automatically deleted (although I don't know how to post a comment...). And I'd say, this blog is better than this usual Blogger.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys liked the new blog, and see you guys there!


Moving on To a New Spot~

Note:- This is a quick, short post since I'm kinda busy doing here and there... >.<

You guys might be thinking that I'm gonna leave being a Blogger, but actually NO~~. I'm not leaving unless there's something that I haven't done yet.

A few days ago, my friend offered me this blog, which is I'm not really familiar with the blog since it's all Japanese and shit, but she said that it's almost the same as Blogger. Well, if that's what she said, then I guess it's kinda 'easy' to use. So, this is my current new blog (and I'm still gonna fix the theme) and yes, it's ALL Japanese. I just hope they have the English version, so it's easy for me to use it rather than reading all those Chinese letters:-


And that's all for today's short post, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next short post. ;)

A fake post about Visual-Kei/A 'Satisfied' Night...

Do you remember when I post something about a group of Visual Kei people, walking around at The Mall, touching my balls? 

You know what, I take it back. 'Cause you know why?


There's no way they would walking around dressing up like one of those VK artists in Brunei.

I made that kinda post 'cause my friend's always saying something about a Visual Kei and why she's so interested about it. So I make a post that can annoy her just for fun, and she was like, "WTF? For real?! O.O" and I say, "Yeah, for real. xD" But the truth is, that post was just a fake. It was only for fun. And no, no one touches my balls yet (thank goodness I'm still a virgin).

And speaking of Visual Kei, last night was a horrible... but yet 'satisfied'. I watched this vid last night and wow... I couldn't believe that his face is like a girl. You can see the sample image below:-

And here's the video of Masumi from WIZARD, stripping in front of the crowd:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are 'satsified' watching the video, and I'll see you guys in the next post. <3

I'm BACK from the Land of *CENSORED*/"Kitbashing" Albert Wesker - Day 5

Hey, guys! I'm back again! I know it's been for months now since I was gone. Where did I gone, you ask?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I just visit this land of ***i, where there's a LOT of pretty **n and **ys. And the land was filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies. It's like I was living in *****n. But now I'm glad that I'm back.

So, what's today's post? Nothing usual, really. Just another kitbashed Wesker I made a few weeks ago.
Here's the images:-

This is Wesker, with his new outfit... Well, not really. He's just using Snake's sneaking outfit 'cause Snake doesn't want to wear it anymore since he got a new threads for him. So he gave it to Wesker.

Close-up view of Wesker.

You can see that he's wearing a shoulder pad like Snake did.

He also wears the shoulder pad and the knee pad. You can see the knee pad below.

Oh yeah, I haven't tell you this; he's wearing a holster to put Snake's trusted SOCOM and an extra belt to put his Satan Deux M29, which means he can carry up to 3 weapons. You can see the weapons below:-

Close-up view.

Wesker pointing a SOCOM.

Close-up angle view.

Front view.

Wesker holding his MP5 weapon.

Wekser in his "Ready" position.

Close-up view.

Wesker holding his Satan Deux M29.

Close-up view.
(Note:- Did you know that his face reminds me of someone?
Clue #1:- A guy working on RTB. He got his own blog, too.
Clue #2:- I sell one of my RE5 figures to him with a price of $100 since I need money that time.)

Wesker in his "Shooting" postion.

Close-up view. "Go ahead! Make my day!"

And that's all for today's post, guys. I know it's not that much since today is His Majesty's birthday.

(Man, I can't believe that we still need to do some preparations for him... Can we just take a break for atleast 1-2 years without even celebrate his birthday? I mean, we ALL have birthdays, but does he knows about our birthdays? Never! But for his sake, guess we gotta do it for him. Talk about "back-to-the-child " disease.)

So, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

We're just chillin'. Wanna join in with us?

"I'm Done Here..." ~ Solid Snake from SSBB

Hey, guys. Sorry for a long, loo~~ng unactive post, but I just have some bad news...

~Solid Snake from Super Smash Bros. BRAWL

So what does this means? It means that I won't be posting anything anymore, not like I used to, 'cause sometimes, posting some shitty stuff makes you tired, and it makes you gone headache just to make one friggin' post. And no, I won't posting my "loot" anymore either, even though I got some new things to show you, but I don't want to. But yes, I still DO lurking some blogs, including go! fi6ure, toyz station, toy haven, actfigstuff, CH Toynation, etc., etc.

So guys... Maybe this is the end... It's nice to meet you guys, but I think this is the end...

Btw, here's my special gift to all of you before leaving:-

And that's all for my final post, I hope you guys are enjoy this weekend, and I really look forward to see you guys again. :'(


You guys must be wondering if this is all just a joke. Well, I was hoping it is, but it turns out that IT'S NOT! Wanna proof? Here's a proof:-

According to, it's said that "it was found lost in a bar in Redwood City, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS". Wow, Steve Jobs, you DO know that you put there on purpose, have you? Well, anyway, they assembled the phone and yes, it's a real thing.


If you see it clearly, you can see the label that says "©2009 APPLE". Meaning, the ones that we saw was an OLD MODELS while this new one is a NEW and LATEST one. So, all that iPhone models is been made back 2007, then. Or maybe 2006. For more info and proof, go to this site:-

It has full information about the latest iPhone.

And btw, all the images are credited to GIZMODO EXCLUSIVE.

And thats all for today's post, I hope you guys are shocked or surprising about the latest Apple iPhone, and I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)

Vincent vs. Squall 22: REmake

So guys, like I promise, I'm going to post my videos here, starting my first remake video of raiyneofgailin's Vincent vs. Squall Episode 22, till the latest one, but for right now, I'm going to share my videos POST-BY-POST, meaning ONE-BY-ONE. Not all of 'em.

This video is actually a remake of raiyneofgailin's Vincent vs. Squall 22, 'cause the original version doesn't have any "stereo" sound in it, so I just ask her if I could do a remake of it, and she said, "Yeah, but don't forget to credit me" or something. So, here it is; Vincent vs. Squall 22: REmake:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the video, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

Creatures in America: Teen Werewolves?

Just a few minutes ago, I went to YouTube to watch some MGS: PW trailers while suddenly, when I went to my Homepage, there's one vid that's caught my attention. The title of the vid says "Teen Werewolves". I thought it's just another prank vid, until I see THIS part:-

That, I say, is a joke. People wondering off at the campus, wearing a tail 'cause they thought that they're "werewolves". I think these guys are idiots, for real. Now, San Antonio is FULL of teen werewolves. They always gone outside, meeting with each other when it's a full moon, and they even hauling like werewolves. Stupid, isn't it?

Watch the full report news here:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the video, and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)

"Kitbashing" Albert Wesker - Day 4

Since Snake is tired 'cause he always gone outside, recruiting some soldiers, Wesker made his appearance in "KITBASHING" series. What is this, is this some kind of TV series or something?

So, today is his fourth day, and this time, he's gone NAKED. But he's not THAT naked. He's actually wanna follow like Snake in the previous post; shirtless but with pants.

And here he is, with his naked body with a balaclava on his head (and his glasses, too):-

Here he is, with his glasses on.

Hmm... I'm just wondering if he could ONLY removed his glasses, 'cause he looked a bit... weird.

And this is his body, wearing nothing but straps.

In his left (right pocket) side, you can see him carrying one ammo pouch that's filled with ammo clips.

At his back, he carries 2 canteens and one backpack.
The truth is, I just wanna follow like this guy:-

...but it seems that I'm kinda missing a few stuff here..

And this is him, holding an MP5.

Wait a sec... Is it just me? Or does Snake's been kidnapped?

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy reading and watching the images, and I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)