Custom Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab

I just visit a couple of sites yesterday, and there's one site that catches my eyes is this:-

It has a lot of custom and non-custom figures there, and it's a pretty interesting site.
So, I explore the site a bit and found a custom Medicom RAH Old Snake Olive Drab. Here's a few sample pics of the custom. More like it's been modified, that is:- (Note: All of the pictures below belongs to Golgo-013, not mine. All rights reserved)

It's only a few sample pics I can post right now. If you want to see some more of it, go here:-

There's a lot of pictures including the FIGURE inside the vinyl suit.

I actually have no idea how he made all of this by himself ALONE. He must've been practicing on how to modifying the RAH figures. Nevertheless, this is one kick-ass modified Old Snake.