It's been a long time I wanted to show you how many "Death Note" books I got. And it's been for 2 years since I bought my first "Death Note" and it still in good condition.

I have 5 "Death Note" books. 3 normal size "Death Note" books, 2 replica size "Death Note" books, and 1 Misa Amane's "Death Note" book. And now, here's a couple of images of my "Death Note" books:-

All my "Death Note" books, including the replicas.

Both of my replica books in a good shape, no damages.

Yep, no damage at all. Well, there's only one damaged. The second one. You can see the book cover that has a bit "teared".

This is my first "Death Note" I bought somewhere...

My second note which is in the good condition (not the "damaged" one).
It contains all the rules from both animé and movie.

All the names are included from the animé version. Wow, I guess Light was left all of his "work" to the "owner of Death Note" which is, who owns the "Death Note" books.

Light's name at the end of the page. Oh, and sorry about those "grey lines". It's my camera's fault, not mine. It's actually kinda corrupted all of a sudden, I don't know why. Maybe it's a curse? o.O

The closer look of Light's name.

Another closer look of Light's name. It's very detailed and yet,
very accurate.

Now for the quiz and I hope you can answer this question. Very easy question, I'd say.

In all "Death Note" books that I have right here, one of them are contains REAL NAMES from the REAL WORLD. And the others are either fake, or no names. Tell me, which one is the "REAL DEATH NOTE"?

If you got it right, that means you're kinda smart even without looking inside.
If you got it wrong, that means you need to learn which one is real and which one is not by looking the books without even looking inside or by not touching them.

And I'll post the answer after a few days... if you got the answer.

I'll see you sooner or later, as usual. ;)





1/6 Figures: Which one should I buy?

Yes, just like the title above here...


Actually, why I'm starting to post something like this because I heard that Tagashie is going to order Chris Redfield 1/6 figure from Eric. So, I was thinking which one should I buy?

In this image above, you can see me thinking about 1/6 figures, which they are also my wishlist.
And here's my "WISHLIST 1/6 FIGURES" :-

1.) Albert Wesker from RE5
2.) Yuki Nagato
and 3.) METAL GEAR SOLID 4 Old Snake

The only problem is that I can't order it from Eric, because you know, some 'personal' stuff happened.

But if he did order those, I'll be the one who pay the deposits for all THREE of them.
The Yuki Nagato doll is already arrived, but one of the staff says that "it's only for display, not for sale". Damn! I thought it's for sale. Guess that I gotta wait for another month, I suppose.

Once that thing sale, I'll be the one who pay the deposit. Yes, that''ll be ME.
But if someone pays the half deposit just to get that doll for only a half price, that means someone is trying to get in my way. If I find someone taking the doll with his half money to pay my deposit, I'll beat him up for sure.

Well, that's for today's post. I hope you guys are enjoy reading it, and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)

KINGDOM HEARTS 2 PLAY ARTS Figure:- Sora and Roxas

Hi guys! Sorry for late updating, I was kinda busy for awhile. You know, making the "stop-animation project" but it turns out into "comic-like animation project", with the bubble speech and all. Anyway, last week, I bought 2 figures at a time, and that is:-

1.) Sora and
2.) Roxas.

I bought those 2 figures because Roxas feel lonely without Sora, so I bought him off so that they can do 'that'. Yes, 'that', as in...

Um... Uh... Hm... I'll... show you what it means by 'that'.

But for right now, let me show you my KH2 figures. Here's the images, boys and girls:-

Roxas and Sora in the box. Notice that Sora's keyblade? Yes, it's kinda "fall" from it's place, 'cause before I took the picture of these 2, I play with it. It's kinda boring if I don't play with them. lol

Roxas in the box.

Sora in the box. And in this picture, I put the Keyblade back into it's place.

Close-up view of Roxas in the box.

Close-up view of Sora in the box.

The back view of both boxes.

Back view of Roxas' box.

Back view of Sora's box.

Since I got both Roxas and Sora, I add Axel on top of them so that it looks beautiful.
Like "Simple and Clean". lol

Okay, that's the images of my both Sora and Roxas figures. Now, let's go to the "unboxing" category:-

Before we jump to the figures, let me introduce you to their "boxes". Yes, their own "boxes". Each box has it's own colors, depending on what figure inside.

The "RED" one is Axel.
The "WHITE" one is Roxas
And the "BLUE" one is none other than Sora, the main character of KH series (included in KH: 358/2 days, but only available in "Mission Mode")

And now, here they are... in the plastic box. lol!

Here's Sora...


...and Axel. Yep, Axel. A guy who has the EXACT same voice as Raiden from MGS2, MGS4, and the upcoming MGS game, MGS: RISING for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Here they are again, and looks like they're out from their "plastic box".

Like usual, the "introduction". Here's Sora...


...and Axel. You know, this guy always kinda annoys me. I mean, he appears EVERYWHERE.
Whether in Twilight Town, Hollow Bastion, or in the bathroom. Who's this guy, anyway?! o.O

And this is a special image to Taiko D, who's actually asking me to take a pic of Axel.
Taiko, if you're reading this blog, I hope this image will explain to you on what happen to Axel's left hand. I cut the parts where that can stuck the hand and make it big. As you can see the image above, you can see Axel's left wrist is like, been bitten by some mouse or something. Actually, the hole is too small. So, I cut it open and make it big.

And this is what happens after I cut his left hand:-

Now, for the next category...
This images are only for YAOI-FANGIRLS! Not for boys, so if you don't want to watch this, skip this to the next one. But if you're gay, you can see it for yourself.

And this is what it means by 'that'. 'That' means sex. Yes, sex. MalexMale. But this time, it's MalexMalexMale = Threesome. So watch it on your own risk:- (Note:- No informations on each images)

Mmm~ That's hot. ^.^

And the last category...

"Sora and Roxas: Gangsta Style"

These kids wanna show-off their "gangsta" to everyone, but the problem is that they don't have any "bling-blings" and guns. And besides, they don't even know the "gangsta hand signs" either. They just a bunch of wanna-bes. Anyway, here's the images:- (No informations)

And that's all for my Sora and Roxas figures.

Oh yeah, before I go, there's something I wanna tell you guys. You see, I'm kinda busy almost everyday now, because I start my new project, which it takes me LONG than I expected. It's called...

Yes, METAL GEAR KINGDOM. It's actually a combination between Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts. If you visit Hanif's blog, he also post one of my poster (the same image as above) and said that it will release NEXT YEAR.

Yes, it will be released next year, but don't know when will be the exact date. Maybe in Quarter 2010 or almost 2011. You can read the plot at Hanif's blog. The plot is actually a draft, so yes, it's W. I. P. (work-in-progress) and the trailer is not even finished.

So, that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoy reading and we'll meet again in the next post. ;)


Yep, you heard that right. KH2 Action Figure. I just bought it a couple of days ago from Chong Hock. There's some other figures, too, such as Roxas, Sora and Kairi. You should go there if you wanna buy those if you interested. Oh, right. About Axel, here's the images:-

The front view of the box.

The back view of the box. You can see Sora, Roxas and Kairi at the left side of the box. Meaning there's another figure if you wanna buy one.

Another front view of the box.

Another back view of the box.

A closer look of Axel's face. Damn, my camera... It's too dark to see!

And that's all for my Axel figure. Oh yeah, you guys must be asking how much for the price? You know how much? Easy... It's $29.90. Yep, you heard that right. $29.90. Cheap, huh? But the quality is cheap, too, which I broke is hand... T_T

But don't worry, I recovered his hand by not using tape. ^.^

Actually, about this FF figures, there's another shop selling the FF figures, that goes by the name "Dee Jay HOME MUSIC VIDEO". I just went there last night to see some more FF figures, and wow, those are VERY expensive... $99.90 per one figure?! Shit... But I did bought some figure from there. It's Vincent Valentine. The vinyl's quality is excellent. And yet, I can see the "Made In China, Publised by SQUARE ENIX®, etc., etc." at the back of Vincent's body.

The figures from CH is, well, I only can see "Disney©" at the bottom of his left shoe. The quality is okay, though.

My recommendation you say? I'd say...

DEPENDS ON YOU. Whether you want from Dee Jay Mall or CH Kiulap. If me, I'd say both of them. I buy from Dee Jay if CH doesn't have one, and I buy from CH if Dee Jay doesn't have the figure like CH do.

And like usual, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

Something's weird goin' on at Ghost in The Shell Episode 17 Season 2

Last night when I was watching G. i. T. S. 2nd GiG on YouTube, I was kinda bored and all, so I watched the Episode 17. I haven't watched that part, I only watched the latest one, but never seen Episode 17, so I watched that part. But then when I was about watching the 2nd Part of the Episode, I paused the video and see all the comments and...

What the hell? Are they talkin' about sex? Here's an image of the comments:-

O...kay. That's.. weird. And another comments that is PRETTY weird... Check this one:-

It seems like they talking about SEX. Yeah, SEX. So I stopped watching the 2nd part, and I don't wanna  watch that part 'cause... you know... And I found THIS video, which actually it's... You'd better watch it yourself.

o.O The kid is... having SEX with Motoko Kusanagi?! Damn! I'm so jealous of that kid....
But the thing that I'm afraid is that, if I having SEX with her, I'll be "electrocuted" by her.


I don't wanna have sex with CYBORGS. I'd better have sex with the real ones instead. She's... kinda give me creeps after hearing that she is a cyborg.

(If I did have sex with her, I'm afraid that she's RAPING me. Maybe she puts her cable in my mouth. Or she puts her finger on my ass. Or worst, she puts her HAND on my mouth! That... gives me the nightmare...)