This might sound REALLY OFF THE WALL, but it seems that the King of Pop seems to be ALIVE! Well, maybe... There's a lot of rumors on the internet if you type this:-

"Michael Jackson is Alive?"

If you search that on Google, there's so many topics about it and somewhat interesting.
Here's the video of Mike, getting out of the ambulance:-

I don't wanna believe it, but then again it's him! Is MJ is still alive? Or is it just a body double?

Please spread the word.

P. S.:- Don't forget to credit my name for finding the video. :P

My MGS4 is HERE!

Man, I'm SO HAPPY TODAY that my MGS4 is already arrived at CH! And by tomorrow I'm gonna pick that old guy! But the only thing is that... it SOLD OUT? 'Cause I visit the CH blog and it says "sold out*" in every Medicom pics.

After I saw those, I was like, "Oh, great...", but then again I was like, "Man, I gotta get that old guy!" but then again I'm not.

Unless if I visit the shop myself to see if there's anything left, then that baby is mine, 'cause I already pay the deposit for the MGS4, and I really, REALLY want that guy. It's been for 5 - 6 months I've been waiting for that guy. Well, we'll see by tomorrow. If it's REALLY SOLD OUT, then, guess I'm gotta post a "sad", or maybe "The End" post. But if it's not, then, I'm gonna post the "Continue on Our Journey", and post Old Snake in this blog.


Yes, that's right! I'm back! My modem is back to normal and now let's get down to business, shall we?

For today's post...

It's nothing. But sooner or later I'll post something that might surprise you guys.

So, as usual, see you guys later. ;)

Will Be "Missing-In-Action" in a Couple of Weeks

Hey, guys! Sorry (again) for another lack of update.

I just want to announce you guys that I will be "M. I. A." in a few weeks 'cause my internet seems to be lagging all the time because I always use it almost everyday and everynight 'till it's "overheating", so yeah.

And a note to all DST Go!Broadband users,

If your modem is hot, or should I say, "OVERHEATING", you must disconnect and let it rest, 'cause if you don't, you'll get yourself a big trouble. It can cause "melting" inside your modem which you'll need to fix it. I haven't got this kinda problem, actually, but I just want to note all of you guys so that I don't want anyone having this problem to all of you guys.

And as usual, I'll see you guys in a few weeks or so. ;)