A Lolita costume seems cute, but....

Yeah, we all boys know that if girls using a Lolita (or Gothic Lolita) costume, they look cute on it.
But when it comes to guys.....EWWW!!!! That's disgusting!

I still remember 3 months ago. I was at the Mall that time, and then I saw one Visual Kei group walking in the Mall. Suddenly, I saw a woman wearing a Lolita costume in that group, but white.
I was like, "Holy shit! That chick's hot!" And then I went up to her and say, "Wow. You're pretty cute wearing those." "Thank you," she replied.

Then, she asked me if I wanna peep her little pants and I was like, "Hell yeah! There's no one here. It's only you and your friends, so it's okay." I just peeped her little underskirt and say, "Oh, what a cute pants they are!" She chuckles.

Then, she ask me to touch her pants all of a sudden and I was like, "What? No!" But I can't stand anymore that I just AUTOMATICALLY kissed her! I just hugged her and smell her scent and I was like, "Mmm... what a nice scent you have....".

Her ass was nice, soft and warm. I just kissed her neck.


I was kinda, ALMOST, having sex with 'her' when suddenly I grabbed one of his balls, especially my right hand. After I holding it, I just paused for 8 seconds, staring at his friends, chuckling all together, and I was like, feeling terrifying, and RUN!

I was at my friend's car when he's asking me what happen. I was sobbing and crying that I lost virginity by kissing a guy that it looks like a Japanese girl. And he was like this:-


So I tell him that if I go inside the Mall, make sure he MUST follow me wherever I go so that, if there's anything happens to me, he can pull me back and punch someone's face.

DAMN IT!! I just kissed a guy that it looks like a girl!!

And it reminds me of THIS:-

That guy at the Mall is almost like this, just that he wears white socks.
*pukes a lot*
I swear that if I met that kinda guy that it looks like a girl, I'll punch his face FOR A GOOD!