Kingdom Hearts: Mickey Mouse as a "pawn"?

Just spoke with an anonymous chatter about Kingdom Hearts. It was about Mickey Mouse.

He said that Mickey Mouse should be the main protagonist in the game since it's a Disney/SE collaboration game. In his point of view, he saw Mickey Mouse as a "supportive character" in the game, almost as if he's a "pawn" through out all the KH games although he helped Sora and the others solving their problems.

"When Mickey asking for help, did they help him? Like hell they will." The anonymous chatter added. "He was so dumb he's being used all this time since the beginning of the game. How the fuck does he not know of this? Why's he so dumb enough?"

"He got the magical power, he wield a keyblade, he owns a castle, he got his wife and kids, he got lots of treasure chests, he got everything! He deserves to be the protagonist throughout all the KH games, I tell you!" < at this point, this is where I think he's a Disney fanboy, but he proved me wrong by saying, "I played all Disney games and Square Enix's games and I got no problem with the protagonists at all. But this is BOTH company games we're talking about."

"When are we gonna play as one of the characters from Disney? Can they atleast share one of Disney's character to play as a protagonist? As in, in side-story missions. Telling each of the character's story of what happen to the Kingdom Hearts world. The origins of Kingdom Hearts before the Keyblade wielders exist in Kingdom Hearts world."

When the anonymous chatter points out all the facts and the stories about the game, I was speechless. I mean, I don't know what to say afterwards when I heard Mickey being used as a "pawn". Yes, I do realized that he helped them and them not helping back, but that doesn't mean I can just go rant about the game and give shit about it.

...That said, the anonymous chatter also said that, "Whoever ignores all these facts, are completely Heartless and a Nobody."

So that means... I'm a Heartless person, then. The one who always ignore the truth behind the lies.

But this is just a game, right? Nothing personal feelings. Just another fanboy ranting all about this crap... But then again...

Ah, shit. I can't even think straight when I heard him saying that... Damn you, anonymous chatter.