[W. I. P.]TRON's Identity Disc

Hey, guys! It's me again, and I just wanna say that I'm currently on hiatus on my other blog 'cause I need to concentrate more on this blog and besides, I'm a bit busy making a video reviews right now.

Oh yeah, BTW, I'm currently fell sick right now and I guess that I have to delay on both of my projects till I'm fully healed. So, for my short post of today, here's my W. I. P. TRON's Helmet, which I haven't finished it since then:-

Yeap, it's not finished since I fell in sick. I was about to finish it after I'm done with my second video review, but since I fell in sick, now I guess I should delay it. Oh well...
And that's all for the post, and see you guys by tomorrow, as usual! ;)

W. I. P. TRON's Outfit from the original "TRON" (1982) Film

Note:- This is a "copy-pasted" post. You can read the original post right over here.

Hey, guys! Sorry for not being able to make posts 'cause I was SO busy with this new project of mine for TS2, and this is one of my FIRST TIME mixing the meshes together into one clothing mesh.

When I was watching the "TRON" film, I was kinda attracted when I look at their costumes, and I was like, "Hmm... Since no one made the "TRON" costume, what if I make one?" So, I decided to rip the "TRON" model from my Kingdom Hearts 2 disc and grab all the meshes from the model.

And after I'm done fixing the model (which it looked kinda awkward after I grabbed the model),I open up my The Sims 2 BodyShop and grab a few clothing meshes and import them to MS3D. Then, I combine all the mesh parts into one clothing mesh, and this is what it looks like:-

Yeah, well. It's still in-progress, but I'll try to finish the clothing mesh once I done taking my figure this Saturday... I hope...

And that's all for the post, and see you guys later! ;)

"Blackout!" ~ Psycho Mantis

It's all in pitch-black and I can't see a goddamn thing, thanks to that stupid guy, Psycho Mantis... >.>

I was just kidding. It wasn't Psycho Mantis' fault (although it sounds obvious), but actually, the electricity's been cut-off in Old Airport Housing area.

It's too fucking dark and all I can see is the lamp post right besides the street. All the neighbors are blackout, too. But I don't see anyone coming out from their house, bringing a flashlight or something. Maybe because it was so dark that I couldn't even see a thing. And I can't even see my own cats, either!

What all I brought with me is a lighter and a mobile phone, but unfortunately, my phone's battery is almost running low and I only have a smaller chance to use it as a flashlight. But atleast I got a lighter and some candles to light the whole room up. So me and my brother took a box filled with candles, putting it somewhere safe and light it up so it doesn't look like a haunted house.

But it took a few minutes to fix the electricity before it goes on again. Well, I should say, thank God for making it as fast as possible. Glad to have it back again. :D

And that's all for the post, and see you guys later! ;)