A fake post about Visual-Kei/A 'Satisfied' Night...

Do you remember when I post something about a group of Visual Kei people, walking around at The Mall, touching my balls? 

You know what, I take it back. 'Cause you know why?


There's no way they would walking around dressing up like one of those VK artists in Brunei.

I made that kinda post 'cause my friend's always saying something about a Visual Kei and why she's so interested about it. So I make a post that can annoy her just for fun, and she was like, "WTF? For real?! O.O" and I say, "Yeah, for real. xD" But the truth is, that post was just a fake. It was only for fun. And no, no one touches my balls yet (thank goodness I'm still a virgin).

And speaking of Visual Kei, last night was a horrible... but yet 'satisfied'. I watched this vid last night and wow... I couldn't believe that his face is like a girl. You can see the sample image below:-

And here's the video of Masumi from WIZARD, stripping in front of the crowd:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are 'satsified' watching the video, and I'll see you guys in the next post. <3