T'was nice visiting the RTB Media, but...

Hey, guys! I just wanna say that I'm sorry for not posting anything since... what, a month ago or so? I was busy gone to ICC, and it was kinda tiring, though. Phew~! Talk about an adventure! o.O

Anyways, I've been visiting the ICC, but I felt... boring, y'know? I mean, yeah, it's fun and all, but it gets boring. It's like, it's the same old shit all over again, and no one's gonna watch them at TV even though they have this arcade games, some breakdancing shows and what not, but year after year, it's all the same, nothing changes.

So, what I've been doing a couple of past few days? Well, you know me, since I'm a "leecher" and a "supporter" to piracies, I downloaded a few movies and musics for my own. I know you guys will go against this, but just look around you, man.

Dee Jay sells pirated movies, Sia & Tang sells pirated movies and even CH sells pirated movies, too! And it's too late if you guys trying to stop piracies. This is not Malaysia, this is Brunei, motherfuckers! Who's gonna stop us, huh? Malaysian policeman? LOL! Those idiots think they can do whatever they want, but they forgotten one thing; this is Brunei, not Malaysia, so those M'sian policemen dick-heads can go fuck off (no offense to Malaysians who lived in Brunei).

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys enjoy reading it, and sorry for my rude and strong language, and see you guys in the next post! ;)

Killzone 3 Trailer ~ Edited by Me! :D

Hey, guys! It's me, back again from being hiatus. I just kinda bit busy nowadays, and I'm waiting for that Altaïr figure to arrive.

Anyways, I made a video this morning and it's a trailer from Killzone 3, but I edit the video to make it look MORE better, with a bit of sound effects. You can watch the video right over here .

And that's all for the post, hope you guys enjoy watching the video, and see you guys later!


My Kitbashed 12" Action Figures ~ video by Munir bin Julaihi

Hey guys, it's me again! I'm sorry if I'm a little bit lack of update, but I was uploading my latest video to Facebook (not on YouTube) 'cause I don't want those spam comments like "kóokica" or something like that.

And so for those of you who wanna watch the video, you can watch it right here:-

And that's all for the post, I hope you guys enjoy watching the video, and see you guys in the next post!