A Little Bit More Toys at Chong Hock Q-Lap

I just went to Chong Hock at Kiulap last Friday morning and there's a lot of toys had been displayed.
Eric wasn't there yet, so I just took my LG KC550 Mobile phone I bought from CH and took a couple of shots. Here's the photots:-

Guitar Hero Figures. Hmmm.... It's only two left. Where's the other two?

Alien vs. Predator Figures. The figures are almost similar to McFarlane's Toys,
but it's not.

God of War Action Figures. Damn, it's way too expensive.
$88.90 for 1 set? Shit, I thought it's seperate. But y'know...

From Cult Classic Seies, CONAN. Wow, look at him. Looks like he's eating too much steroids
just to build his muscle.

Call of Duty® Action Figures. Um, why don't you call for backups? It's only you left. The others already taken by some hardcore fan of CoD®. What's his name again?
I don't remember...

Two HELLBOY Action Figures. It's not 1 set. It's sold seperate. The price? $44.90. Or maybe $49.90.

Final Fantasy 7 Figure made by Kotobukiya. And no, it's not from FF7: Advent Children. It's the old-school FF7.

STAR WARS Scenery. If there's a HUGE FAN of STAR WARS, maybe he already bought this one.

Iron Man MASK. Well, it's not that big. It's actually small. The size is as same as our hands, but little bit smaller. 

Two different TRANSFORMERS Action Figures. One is look like a cartoonish Optimus Prime, and one is "BATTLE WITH MEGATRON". (Wait a sec. Why does Megatron trun into a tank? Doesn't he suppose to change into Walther P38?
A BE@RBRICKS' STAR WARS Jango Fett I bought from CH.

And a picture of me standing in front of Chong Hock Music Centre Branch at Kiulap.

Yep. That's that. Well, for all of you guys out there who actually a regular (or Super Regular) customers, I suggest that you guys go to Kiulap because there's a lot of toys there than The Mall. If The Mall, all I can see is that there's only a few toys. But in Kiulap? It's more than you think.

Oh, and just for the little information from me...


Nah, seriously. I'm not gonna buy those UNLESS, if the clothes are pretty cool to me, I'll buy them. I still remember when I first time saw the "Akatsuki" cloak, I was like

"[SURPRISE!] It's the Akatsuki cloak! Man, this is RARE!"
[looking left and right to make sure there's noone see]
[take it and buy it]
Phew! I thought there's someone see me."

But then, when I look back at the "Costume Corner" (or "Clothes Corner"), I was like,

"Hmm, I'd better check back if there's something I want."

Then, when I go back inside the shop and look for something, I just found this, orange-boxed
contains a costume of Sasuke.

"[ANOTHER SURPRISE!] It's a Sasuke's costume! I'd better take it!"
[take it and then buy it as usual."

And start right there, I was thinking about if there's any other costumes rather than that.
And that's where I met the long-haired guy, name Eric. I was asking him if there's any other costumes and he said, "There's another costume at our stock and it's only 1 left." Then, I said, "Okay, I'll take it."

Then, by tomorrow, I went to Chong Hock and I was looking for that guy again and he showed me the "Naruto Costume" and I was like, "Alright. I'll buy this one." And I bought it.

And also start that day, that's where my first request about the "KH2 Roxas Costume".
And after a few weeks later, he said, "Sorry, our supplier can't source it." and I was like, "Ouch... Okay. As long as there's any other costumes, I wouldn't mind." And that's where my first time asking him about the MGS2 Figures. I think I still remember what he said. "If the MGS2 figures, they maybe not gonna make anymore, because that thing's already old."

Well, yes, it's about 3 or 4 years ago. Yep, it is. So, this March (well, actually tomorrow is March), I'm going there A. S. A. P. so that NO ONE IS GOING TO TOUCH THOSE COSTUMES BEFORE ME....

Got it?

I'll see you later in the next post... Heheheheh...

GAME MODZ™ is NOW OPEN! (well, not really...)

GAME MODZ™ will be open in Feb. 23rd, like I say, but I don't think it's really complete.
The actual release date of my blog is in around March. I don't know what MARCH will be. Maybe it's in 4 or 15 of March or so. You can visit the GAME MODZ™ blog at:-


There, you can see my first post and you can see my plannings in that post.

I'll see you again in the next post.

Crossplay? Eww......

No, not the "cross" thing. What I mean is, a man cosplaying as a woman, and woman cosplay as a man. It all started on Japan, really. I just saw one article last night, and I thought it was a girl, but then when the "descriptions" says "a pretty boy", I was like, "OMFG! A guy?! Eew! >.<".


I mean, how come a man can be a woman instead to be a man himself?
A pretty boy wearing a maid outfit??? Urgh.....
I think I'm gonna puke.

But that's Japan for you. Yup, Japan is gettin' crazier than before.

Well, that's all for now.

New post? Yeah, right.

NOTE: A new blog will be created by me. It's called "GAME MODZ™".


More Costume, PLEEEEEASE~! :D

Do you know what missing in Brunei? Well, I'll tell you; COSTUMES.
Yup, costumes. Yes, we can order them ourselves by using CREDIT CARDS or DEBIT CARDS.

But what if people doesn't use any Credit cards or Debit cards? They will all like, "Hey, where can I buy this costume?" or something like that. And besides, they sell in a HIGH price. What I mean is that the original price is $49.90, but it's up to $59.90 while in America is actually $20+.

I know all about this tax and stuff, but you know, Bruneians LOVE to cheat people. I really hate that. -_-

Oh, and by the way, you should visit at: http://ch-toynation.blogspot.com
because there's a lot of new figures and toys coming soon.

I don't wanna spoil all those NEW figures. You should go there if you wanna spoil yourself.
Nope, I don't want to spoil it. Nope, nope.

New post coming soon.

DevMeet no more?

Yes, DevMeet, a place where all the cosplayers gathered there to have fun and enjoy themselves.Yep, DevMeet. I actually read this "DevMeet" somewhere here:- http://cosdan.ipbfree.com/index.php?showtopic=75&st=0&#entry427 and this is what Riki says,

"Due to some individuals taking over our place of our committee without our consent, we will back out from this cooperation. From now on, Dev Meet will have nothing to do with us. We are just normal cosplayers and we were never part of the Dev Meet in the first place. We're just there to help out our friends in order to make the event much more entertaining and lively.

And since the whole thing has come to an end, in the next Dev Meet, we will be just normal cosplayers and we will NOT be held responsible for anything that happened during the actual event itself.

If we're not welcomed and if this message had served to offend some individuals, then we are sorry to say that we will not be participating in the next meet. The meet is supposed to be a place where we can have fun and for individuals to share hobbies and etc. Since some individuals had decided to take our place over in charge of the cosplay section, then we will back out from this.

Thus, from now on, the Dev Meet forum will be permanently deleted."

Well, that's about it. But if I were him, I won't let it go THAT easy.For example, if the place has been taken by someone else, don't think about "ENDING UP". If they think about ending the DevMeet, they're more like "GIVING UP". We don't have to think about "GIVING UP", but we need to give a little bit more focus on it, just like "CONSUMER FAIR" held at ICC. Why did they still doing consumer fairs until now? 'Cause they're not giving up. Instead, they MORE focusing on it and then think about what will be the next fair. Maybe there's gonna be expos, or maybe something new?

That's why these people always doing a hardwork so that the fair will be more entertainingSo like this guy, if I were him, I gotta think about some other place, like say, at Kiulap, or at Bandar, or any other place as long as not too far. (If me, I'd say, it's Kiulap, because that's where my shop is. :P )

But since this guy doesn't take too serious, well, what can I say? I can't do anything, "but just let it slip".
Well, anyway, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next post.

Kingdom Hearts 2 "Roxas" Costume

A costume based on "THE BEST HIT OF VIDEO GAME", Kingdom Hearts 2, will be on it's way to CHONG HOCK this February. (Well, actually near the end of February...) The costume will be available at either The Mall, or at the Kiulap Branch.

And uh, sorry, but I don't have any pictures of the costume.