Moving on To a New Spot~

Note:- This is a quick, short post since I'm kinda busy doing here and there... >.<

You guys might be thinking that I'm gonna leave being a Blogger, but actually NO~~. I'm not leaving unless there's something that I haven't done yet.

A few days ago, my friend offered me this blog, which is I'm not really familiar with the blog since it's all Japanese and shit, but she said that it's almost the same as Blogger. Well, if that's what she said, then I guess it's kinda 'easy' to use. So, this is my current new blog (and I'm still gonna fix the theme) and yes, it's ALL Japanese. I just hope they have the English version, so it's easy for me to use it rather than reading all those Chinese letters:-


And that's all for today's short post, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next short post. ;)

A fake post about Visual-Kei/A 'Satisfied' Night...

Do you remember when I post something about a group of Visual Kei people, walking around at The Mall, touching my balls? 

You know what, I take it back. 'Cause you know why?


There's no way they would walking around dressing up like one of those VK artists in Brunei.

I made that kinda post 'cause my friend's always saying something about a Visual Kei and why she's so interested about it. So I make a post that can annoy her just for fun, and she was like, "WTF? For real?! O.O" and I say, "Yeah, for real. xD" But the truth is, that post was just a fake. It was only for fun. And no, no one touches my balls yet (thank goodness I'm still a virgin).

And speaking of Visual Kei, last night was a horrible... but yet 'satisfied'. I watched this vid last night and wow... I couldn't believe that his face is like a girl. You can see the sample image below:-

And here's the video of Masumi from WIZARD, stripping in front of the crowd:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are 'satsified' watching the video, and I'll see you guys in the next post. <3

I'm BACK from the Land of *CENSORED*/"Kitbashing" Albert Wesker - Day 5

Hey, guys! I'm back again! I know it's been for months now since I was gone. Where did I gone, you ask?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I just visit this land of ***i, where there's a LOT of pretty **n and **ys. And the land was filled with beautiful flowers and butterflies. It's like I was living in *****n. But now I'm glad that I'm back.

So, what's today's post? Nothing usual, really. Just another kitbashed Wesker I made a few weeks ago.
Here's the images:-

This is Wesker, with his new outfit... Well, not really. He's just using Snake's sneaking outfit 'cause Snake doesn't want to wear it anymore since he got a new threads for him. So he gave it to Wesker.

Close-up view of Wesker.

You can see that he's wearing a shoulder pad like Snake did.

He also wears the shoulder pad and the knee pad. You can see the knee pad below.

Oh yeah, I haven't tell you this; he's wearing a holster to put Snake's trusted SOCOM and an extra belt to put his Satan Deux M29, which means he can carry up to 3 weapons. You can see the weapons below:-

Close-up view.

Wesker pointing a SOCOM.

Close-up angle view.

Front view.

Wesker holding his MP5 weapon.

Wekser in his "Ready" position.

Close-up view.

Wesker holding his Satan Deux M29.

Close-up view.
(Note:- Did you know that his face reminds me of someone?
Clue #1:- A guy working on RTB. He got his own blog, too.
Clue #2:- I sell one of my RE5 figures to him with a price of $100 since I need money that time.)

Wesker in his "Shooting" postion.

Close-up view. "Go ahead! Make my day!"

And that's all for today's post, guys. I know it's not that much since today is His Majesty's birthday.

(Man, I can't believe that we still need to do some preparations for him... Can we just take a break for atleast 1-2 years without even celebrate his birthday? I mean, we ALL have birthdays, but does he knows about our birthdays? Never! But for his sake, guess we gotta do it for him. Talk about "back-to-the-child " disease.)

So, I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)

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