Will Be "Missing-In-Action" in a Couple of Weeks

Hey, guys! Sorry (again) for another lack of update.

I just want to announce you guys that I will be "M. I. A." in a few weeks 'cause my internet seems to be lagging all the time because I always use it almost everyday and everynight 'till it's "overheating", so yeah.

And a note to all DST Go!Broadband users,

If your modem is hot, or should I say, "OVERHEATING", you must disconnect and let it rest, 'cause if you don't, you'll get yourself a big trouble. It can cause "melting" inside your modem which you'll need to fix it. I haven't got this kinda problem, actually, but I just want to note all of you guys so that I don't want anyone having this problem to all of you guys.

And as usual, I'll see you guys in a few weeks or so. ;)