My Medicom MGS4 Old Snake (again)

Yep, none other than my MGS4 Medicom Old Snake. I really like the figure and the quality was quite EXCELLENT!!! I really LOVE IT!! Thanks again, Eric, for bringin' this bitch to Brunei! If you order more MGS RAH figures, just tell me, and I'll be the first one to pay the deposit! :D

So today, I'm gonna show you my MGS4 Old Snake. Even though I did post it before, but this time it's different. Just see the damn images below, and I'll explain at each of the image(s):-

Here it is, Old Snake. Man, I love this guy. He IS the legendary hero. He's the best rather than Raiden.

Another close-up view of Snake.

Okay, you guys must be wondering what the hell is this. Well, it's Snake's arm, yes, and I cut it using a cutter. Yes, I just cut his arm. LOL!

Snake's left arm. See the hand? Yes, there were NO HANDS. It's just the suit. And you guys must be wondering why I cut his arm. Why? Because his arm can't be tilt whatsoever. It's stuck, and plus, he can't even tilting his arm 360 degree, which it makes it suck. So, I decide it to cut using a cutter.

And this is the inside of Snake's arm. It looks like a sock, doesn't it?

The front view of the sock. So, this explains why Snake's doesn't have any hands. It's only a sock.

But the weird thing is, there's a "joint" inside the sock which this explains that Snake's hand can be bended.

Now THIS looks like a REAL sock, 'cause it looks like a feet. xD

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoying reading and see you next time. ;)