HOT TOYS Sheva Alomar ~B. S. A. A. version~

Yeap. You heard that right. Sheva Alomar from RE5.

I just bought her off from Q-Lap Mall since no one touches it, so I just grab her just adding to my RE5 figures collection. So far, I got both Wesker and Sheva. I'll be getting Chris Redfield sooner or later to finish my RE5 collection. Maybe this April? I don't know. So, let's get started, shall we?

This is the front view of the box of Sheva Alomar. The size does pretty same as Wesker, and also same goes to Chris Redfield. If you see the box carefully, you can see Chris' knife a bit...

Or maybe I just took it wrong, but if you buy Sheva Alomar, you can see it clearly.

This is the back view of the box. As usual, the figure's face is on the left, 3 other characters on the right, mini-bio is at the bottom of the 3 characters, etc., etc. Pretty same like Wesker.

And this is the guy that I'm gonna get it soon... Maybe. I'm not sure, though my wishlist says "HOT TOYS Chris Redfield", but I'm also thinking to get Liquid Snake as well.

This is a mini-info for those who don't know Sheva Alomar too well.
You can read it by clicking the image.

This is the inside of the box. The weapons on the left, and the figure's on the right, covered with white, thin paper. You can see Sheva's name, too. But before we can jump onto the figure, let's take a look at the weapons.

Wow... Lots of weapons here... And some of them are my favorites, too! So, you guys wanna know what this is? Well, I'll tell you from top to bottom;

1.) PSG1*
2.) M3 Shotgun
3.) M29 Magnum
4.) M37 Shotgun
5.) AK-74*
6.) Skorpion *

note* - my favorites

Oh, look! An ammo packs! And both of them are for Handguns and SMGs!
Or any rapid-fire capability weapons, you can use "JACKAL" for it.

That's for the weapons. Now for the figure. (YAY! :D )

Here it is... Sheva Alomar. Poor thing she's been warped all over her body. And her arm, too. :'(
Well, that's not important right now. So, let's take a look at her accessories.

This is her headset and her necklace. Oh, sorry about the picture, I just took it so fast 'cause I CAN'T WAIT TO KITBASH HER! 8D

Ahem... Excuse my enthusiasm...

And here, we see her backpack, her pouches, and another pouch for her radio. Oh, and don't forget about the "beads" or something beside the pouch for the radio.

And that's all for today's post, and sorry I only took a few shots for this, 'cause I can't wait to kitbash her. I'll post 'em here if I finished kitbashing her, and I hope you guys are enjoy watching those images, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)