Medicom RAH Naked Snake ~Cold War version~

First of all, I was happy to get my hands off that Snake guy, 'cause he's AWESOME! Hey, it's Metal Gear after all. (OMG!!! METAL GEEEEEEAR!!!)

And second, let me introduce you...


Yes! NAKED SNAKE! The new and latest MGS figure from Medicom! Man, I am so EXCITED!!!
I wish there's MORE MGS figures in Brunei! (not the fake ones.)
And here's the pictures below. Let the pics do the talking:-

This is the front box of the MGS3 Naked Snake ~Cold War version~. It shows a Russia flag at the front...

...while the back is a US flag.
"America FTW." ~ Roy Campbell, MGS4
(you'll receive this if you talk to Rose and there's Roy who's actually interrupting the convo between Rose and Snake and he's start saying about... food. Délicíeux!)

An official KONAMI® logo. Below the logo, it says "LICENSED PRODUCT".
Speaking of KONAMI®, they also doing some figures beside from games, which is this, for example:-

See that KONAMI® logo on the top left? Yeap. It's KONAMI®. And FYI, the figure is available at Chong Hock Kiulap. (I don't know if it's still there. Maybe it's already SOLD OUT.)

The box's little "door". And you can see Naked Snake/Big Boss inside the box wearing the "Cold War" camo uniform. Speaking of the "door", let's see what's inside.

Here it is. Snake's faces, a world map of some sort and some infos at the bottom-right. Let's see those pictures one-by-one.

On the left side, we see 3 faces of Snake. One is without bandana (middle), one is WITH bandana (right) and one is wearing an eyepatch which you all already know about why he's wearing an eyepatch (left).

And the last one, is an information of the figure. You can read those little texts by right-click the image and select "Open Link in New Tab".

Here it is... Naked Snake, a. k. a. Big Boss, still inside the box.

A closer look of Naked Snake/Big Boss. Note that Snake's face is a bit tan, meaning he's using a "BROWN" face paint in the game. Meaning, in the game, maybe the figure is actually, following below:-



He's only have one weapon, and that is; a custom M1911A1 with a "SILENCER" or "SUPPRESSOR".

An extra hand for Snake.

Here it is again, out of the box but still inside the plastic box.

At the back of the plastic box, there's a stand for the figure. Almost every Medicom 1/6 figure has this stand, actually.

Finally, Naked Snake/Big Boss finally managed himself to get out of the BOXES! (Boxes, as in, both the box and the plastic box.)

A closer look of Snake. Oops, I forgot to turn off my flash...

Ah, much better. Man, he look so AWESOME! Not like Raiden, a rookie-but-turn-to-be-pro guy who's jumping all around like a grasshopper, and that "winks" of his. Eww...

An angle view of Snake's face.

That's for the head. Now for the accessories.


This is the codec that Snake always use while he's on a mission.

This is his CQC Knife, the one he's always use for some weapons that has a CQC compatibility.
(in MGS3, if you press and hold the R2 button, you should see the "CQC" logo on some of the weapon, meaning you can do some CQC techniques.)

And this is his Survival Knife or Combat Knife. You can take out is knife, but be careful not to broke it. I haven't touch the knife so I just let the knife there.

That's for the accessories. Now back to the figure.

This is the back view of the figure. It's almost the same as the one in the game.
Again, back at the accessories.


On the left side of his back, there's a water container which you can take it out, but you can't take the cap off.

This is the radio where you can see almost every soldier in MGS3 carries it, just that they didn't connect their radio to their codec. Snake always use this whenever he's going to call someone.

That's for the accessories. Now for the weapons.

WEAPON(S) (sadly there's only one weapon...)

A custom M1911A1 with a silencer on it. The design looks awesome and very detailed, but I like the other M1911A1 better 'cause you can remove the clip while this one can't. Sheesh, I wonder why Medicom doesn't include that one.

And that's for the weapon. And again, back to the accessories. This time it's the LAST PART of the accessories.


Snake's extra hands. There's only 3 extra hands here.

2 extra left hands, and 1 extra right hand. Hmm, where's the others? The box says there's 2 extra right hands and 3 extra left hands. Where's the other 2?


Oh wait, those 2 other hands is already attached to the figure.


Silly me. xD

And that's all for the figure, I hope you guys are enjoy reading and seeing those images. I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)