"6 DEATH NOTE Books, but only 1 of them is REAL"

Hey, guys! Sorry for not late updates. I just busy making my new upcoming project, called "End of Evangelion: The End of John" using The Sims™ 2 and the screenshots will be posted here:-


AFTER I finished posting this "Real DEATH NOTE" book.

Okay, let's jump to the "answer" that almost 10 people (9 people thru SMS, and 1 thru CHAT BOX, which is Flare) saying that this book is actually a REAL "Death Note" book. Let's see if this book is the REAL one... or a FAKE.

Here's the book that almost everyone says that it's real. They say "it is the second one" at the previous post, so I just take this one and see if it's real.

As you guys know, that this part is damaged, which it's already shows you the 1ST clue that this proves that the book is FAKE, but let's take a bit tour. Maybe this book has a trick.

This is the VERY first page of "DEATH NOTE" if you guys don't have any "DEATH NOTE" books or own the "DEATH NOTE" books.

And this is the second page of the "DEATH NOTE". Yes, there's a symbol on that "transparency" paper. There's the "heart" on the center and some "wings" at the outside. More like a "EMO" symbol. You know, Emo? As in, "Emotional Depressed"? Making some poetry,
telling their feelings inside it? Yep, that's Emo. (Emo sucks, btw...)

And THIS, is the 2nd clue that proves it's FAKE. But I know you guys don't believe that. Well, let's go for another tour.

This is the "rules of Death Note" if you guys don't own it yet, and yes, it includes ALL the rules that is based from both animés and movies. Well, not ALL the rules. Even some of them are missing, but atleast there's rules inside. How many rules, you ask? There's, atleast, from "I" to "LIX". I don't know what it means by "LIX", because I don't speak "Romans". Maybe you guys know what it means by "LIX". It's a Romanian numbers.

This is the 3rd and LAST clue proves it's FAKE. And the result for all of those clues is...

And I guess that the book proves it. The book is FAKE.

Yes, it is a complete, 100% FAKE.

I think it's a complete fake. And yes, that's my old drawing 2 years ago.

Now, you guys always wonder which one is the REAL one. You wanna know which one? Here it is:-

Yes, it's this one. The BIG, replica size, "DEATH NOTE" book.
Let's see what's inside.

Here's a list of names that I wrote for a past 2 years ago.
You guys maybe know "Norin" from Malaysia, right? Or maybe not.
I also write down her name on my "DEATH NOTE" book.
Yes, I did.

Here's another page that includes all the names that we don't even know who they are, but I just write them down.

Another page that is FULL of people's name.

I think you guys know who is Paul Snider, right? He is the murderer of Dorothy Stratten from Playboy Playmate, if you guys didn't notice yet. And also Anna Nicole Smith, which, actually, died from a drug overdose.

And here's the latest page with the latest names. It's includes ALL the latest names from the latest date and day.

And yes, it also includes MJ's name, too. R. I. P., dude. We missed you a lot. :'(

And also Prince Pedro Luis is also here, too. I don't know if you guys know him. I just write it down the name.

And Ed's name is here, too. No, it's not from WWE. I don't know if he is. Or she. Because Ed's name is ended with "McMahon", so I thought you guys know him/her.

And that's all for today's post, and to people who got it wrong, I hope you guys have a better luck next time, and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)