"Dangerous Game" Trailer by Jenxthejinx - REmake by ME! :D

Since my 2nd order got delayed again, what if I'm showing you my remake version of "Dangerous Game" Trailer, originally made by Jenxthejinx? The truth is, I was kinda bored last night, waiting for my order to arrived. Then, all of a sudden, something just "popped" in my mind. When I was watching Jenxthejinx's "Dangerous Game" Trailer, I was like, "What if I replaced the music into something a little more better?"

So, I decided to make it and it seems pretty good. Here's a remake video of mine:-

You can also download the full HD video here:-

Remake Dangerous Game Trailer.mp4

Credits goes to Jenxthejinx for making the video.

And that's all for today's short post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching this small HD video, and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)