Kingdom Hearts 2 "Roxas" Costume

A costume based on "THE BEST HIT OF VIDEO GAME", Kingdom Hearts 2, will be on it's way to CHONG HOCK this February. (Well, actually near the end of February...) The costume will be available at either The Mall, or at the Kiulap Branch.

And uh, sorry, but I don't have any pictures of the costume.


Sanakanlovesjp said... sure there's a video games costumes selling in our local stores? Plz tell me more about it :)

Munir bin Julaihi said...

Well, actually that's NOT my local store. It's Eric's. (Eric Lim, the boss or maybe the manager of CHONG HOCK MUSIC CENTRE). And he said that the costumes will arrive around MARCH, so you gotta wait for 16 days.

And oh yeah, I just read your blog about the new DSi and PSP-3000.

BAD NEWS ABOUT PSP-3000; Can't hack.

(Oh snap! If only DaX can do something about it.)