My KERORO Collection

Yep. My KERORO Collection at my home. I was kinda tired from Tutong and then I sleep at my home. I woke up 5 AM in the morning to get ready to the office. And in about 6 AM, I took a couple of shots of my "Keroro Collection" and here it is:-

6:03 AM. The prototypes are still sleeping, huh? Maybe I took it in a wrong time...

6:35. As you can see, I'm using my small flashlight just to lighten them.

7:11 AM. They still sleepin'? Come on, wake up, my dear robots! Wake up already!

7:11 AM. Took it with same camera, but different angle.

8:15. At last! My robots are woke up! (You keep me waiting, huh? Nice... -_-" )

8:15 AM. Another epic, different angle. LoL! xD

9:01 AM. Munir/Me:- "ATTEN-HUT!!!"

Wow. 3 robots, huh? I should give this a name. It's called...
"THE 3 KERO-ROBOS". Funny name, eh? lol

What the-? L, since when did you get here?! Oh right, you were here since last night.
Sorry, I just forgot about you. DAMN THOSE WORKSHEETS!

Afro Gunsou, Kururu Soucho, Giroro Goucho, Tamama Nitouhei...
Where's Dororo? Ah shit, he must've been wandering around at the jungles again.
I'd better look after him after this whole, "TAKING SHOTS" thing.

Kururu Soucho with his "Ku Ku Ku" laugh.
Munir/Me:- "Kururu, can you PLEASE stop doing that 'laugh' of yours? It's just annoys me...
-_- "

Kururu:- "I'm sorry, my friend, but this is how I laugh. Ku~ Ku ku ku ku ku!"

Giroro Goucho with his "salute" pose.
Munir/Me:- "..."
Giroro:- "..."

Tamama Nitouhei with his "pretty" stuff.
Munir/Me:- "(I guess I'd better not talk with him, 'cause if I do, he'll going to blast me with his "TAMAMA BEAM or BLAST" if I say something wrong...)"
Tamama:- "Is there something hanging on my nose?"
Munir/Me:- "Actually, you don't HAVE a nose..."
Munir/Me:- "Son of a b-!"
[Tamama shoots Munir with "Tamama Blast"]
Munir/Me:- [feel in pain] Ah... shit...

Giroro with his clone made by Kururu, Mini-Giroro.

I guess that's all for my KERORO collection. Yep, that's that. Nothing else. Not much, really. I'm actually wanna buy myself a "Dororo" if he's still available. So, I'll see you guys as usual in the next post, m'kay?

Munir OUT! -bzzt!-