Yes! At last! I finally bought MGS "SOLID SNAKE" KONAMI DOLL! Well, I actually bought from Aduka for $100. Yes, just for $100. At first, he was offering me $75 when he was on MSN. Then, when we meet at Batu Besurat, in front of Chong Hock Music Centre, he brought the doll, and I brought the money as well. Then, when I done paying it, he said that "Can you mark up the price"? Then, I say, "Sure. What price you want? $80? $90?". When I say that, he still feeling that he doesn't seems to be satisfied. Then, when I was offering for $100, he was like, "Really?" and I nod and saying, "Yeah. Really. I offer you $100 if you want." Then he say. "Okay. That's deal". So, I gave him $100, and he gave me the doll. And so, that's that. And also, we were talk about Eric, as well. You know, how he sell these, how he sell those. Some stuff we talked about him.

Anyway, here's the images of my... METAL GEAR SOLID "SOLID SNAKE" KONAMI DOLL. Enjoy watching them... or you might received this 2 messages from him... "Eye Have You!" and "Kept you waiting, huh?":-

Solid Snake himself, standing in front of the camera, ready to take his gun out of his holster.

Solid Snake front view.

Solid Snake corner view.

Solid Snake standing in front of the camera, but a little bit... near.

Solid Snake with his favorite weapon, .45 SOCOM.

As you can see, I'm posing Snake into his "MGS2 Pose" style. If you play MGS2, you'll notice that he point the gun down rather than up when he's doing the READY pose with a handgun.

Snake reloading his gun.

Solid Snake without his Sneaking Vest with a "green-screen" background.

Whoa... Nice angle, eh?

Hmm... Nice gun, Snake. Is that USP? Or is it your old, .45 SOCOM?

Okay, that's the images using a light. Now, let's try turning off the light and use  the small light instead.

Note:- The light is placed on top of his head.

Wow, cool! I never thought that it's turning out to be good, though.

Another different angle.

Solid Snake standing with a green-screen background, but this time, I use my own MP's light camera.

A closer view.

And that's all for now. Oh yeah, by the way, remember about the cosplay quiz? It'll be discontinued since no one answer it, so there's no cosplay photos in May 10th, 2009.
Anyway, since I'm discontinued that, let's start the new one.

Here's the quiz:-

Both of this images are Solid Snake. Yes, Solid Snake. And in this both images, what is he mocking? I mean, what pose did he follow? Here's the clues in both images:-

Solid Snake pointing his finger at the camera and say...

"YES WE CAN!" (A very famous line in America... Guess who's using it always...)

Well, I guess that's my favorite METAL GEAR SOLID "SOLID SNAKE" 1/6 SCALE KONAMI DOLL COLLECTION. Thanks to Aduka for selling me that. :)

And the closing date for the quiz will be at:-

12th May, 2009

We will meet again in the next post. ;)