1/6 Figures: Which one should I buy?

Yes, just like the title above here...


Actually, why I'm starting to post something like this because I heard that Tagashie is going to order Chris Redfield 1/6 figure from Eric. So, I was thinking which one should I buy?

In this image above, you can see me thinking about 1/6 figures, which they are also my wishlist.
And here's my "WISHLIST 1/6 FIGURES" :-

1.) Albert Wesker from RE5
2.) Yuki Nagato
and 3.) METAL GEAR SOLID 4 Old Snake

The only problem is that I can't order it from Eric, because you know, some 'personal' stuff happened.

But if he did order those, I'll be the one who pay the deposits for all THREE of them.
The Yuki Nagato doll is already arrived, but one of the staff says that "it's only for display, not for sale". Damn! I thought it's for sale. Guess that I gotta wait for another month, I suppose.

Once that thing sale, I'll be the one who pay the deposit. Yes, that''ll be ME.
But if someone pays the half deposit just to get that doll for only a half price, that means someone is trying to get in my way. If I find someone taking the doll with his half money to pay my deposit, I'll beat him up for sure.

Well, that's for today's post. I hope you guys are enjoy reading it, and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)