I just went there at 10 AM, but I was kinda bit sleepy so I slept at my friend's apartment which is near to The Mall.

(If you asking how NEAR The Mall is, it's VERY NEAR. It's in front of my friend's apartment.)
So I wake up around 11 AM and I ended up in my friend's room, still wearing my clothes. I went out and saying goodbye and apologizing that I "slept". I went to The Mall and pick up my "Naked Snake Cold War" ("OMG!!! METAL GEEEEEEAR!") and take a few shots of the store.

Here's the images:-

This is the inside of the GO FI6URE! TOY Store. I know it's small but atleast there's an 12" figures for sale.

I don't know about this HALO 3 figure if it's 12" or not but I bet that anyone who's a big fan of HALO should get this figure. (And yes, I personally someone's already bought this figure.)

A 7" BATMAN THUG figure.

2 NECA or SOTA TOYS Street Fighter figures.

Another 7" Street Fighter figure.

Some 12" figures been displayed.

An MGS3 Naked Snake ~Cold War~ version and a WITSEC. 

A Bruce Lee 12" figure made by Medicom. (Tagashie would get this soon according to his "WISHLIST")

A "Silver Surfer" statue.

The MATRIX 12" figures including Neo and Agent Smith.

An Hot Toys IRON MAN MARK 2. (Currently SOLD OUT at the first day of GO FI6URE! TOY Store. Wow.)

And some other 12" figures for sale.

And that's for the GO FI6URE! TOY Store. If you guys wanna know the location of the store, it's this:-

3rd Floor, The Mall Gadong.

How to get there quick? Easy. Just take an elevator near the Chill Café and hit number 3. That'll take you straight up to the 3rd Floor.

And that's all for today's post. I hope you guys are enjoy seeing those pictures as much as I am. I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)