Medicom RAH Old Snake ~Olive Drab~ for SALE!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Since I'm selling my PSP, I'm also selling my Medicom RAH MGS4 Old Snake Olive Drab (even though it's only for months now...) with the price of...




Damaged parts:-

The left arm of Old Snake.


CQC Knife

Do you know how much it cost me for that figure? It cost me $379.90!!! OMFG!
And now I'm selling it with the price of $240. It's already a fixed price. No more, no less. So come and pick up your Old Snake if you want to buy it while the offer ends on October 20th!


Some people are always complaining about the price, so I decided to change it. Starting from today, the price will be:-


And the offer's still goin'. And this time, there will be NO MORE DEADLINE.
So, if you wanna buy it, just contact me through my MSN or through my phone number.

...And of course, you guys must've been wondering what's my number.
Well, here it is:-



Some of you are complainin' about the price while I'm sick and tired of hearing people begging me about the price. OKAY! Here's the final price for it:-


Yes. I sell it for $100 only, you should be happy by now 'cause I'm selling it for $100. That's already cheap, y'know. But if you still complain about the price, I think you'd better fuck off, 'cause I don't want to hear those complaining bullshit.