Yes, ladies and gentlemen....


...where there's a lot of PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. And also including Wii™ and Rock Band.
(and don't forget L4D)

Last night, I just went there and I didn't go there for playing, but instead, I go there for taking some pics.

And here's the pictures for those who is EAGER to see it:-

But first, let's see the consoles for a second...


This is the room with FULL of PS3s and Xbox 360s. I know there's missing on the first table on the left because it says "Soft Opening" according to the flyer.

Or not...

But anyway, let's look at the PS3 consoles, shall we?


Here, we have 2 tables that os FULL of PS3 consoles, and it also includes Black, Silver and White (my fav. color).

This is the second table where there's 3 PS3 consoles. In this table you can play ONLINE games using your PSN while the first table, you can't, BUT you can save your game there which is, I really love saving my game. :)

The right-angle view.

That's for PS3. Now for Xbox 360:-


In here, we have 4 Xbox 360 consoles. And sorry, I didn't took many pictures of Xbox 360 'cause I was running out of time. My mom gave me 5 minutes just to take some pics and phew... I made it, I guess...

That's for the Xbox 360 consoles. Now, for the Wii™(more like FTW. lol!) :-


Sadly, there's only one console in this room, and that is Wii™. And it just sitting there alone, doing nothing...

This is what it looks like if you playing Wii™. Oh, there's something sticking on the rght wall. Let's see what it says...

"WARNING: This wall is not a hologram, please don't run through it."

Uh... okay. I get it. But we actually don't HAVE one yet, 'cause this "hologram" thing will be available on the future, right? Or not...

That's for the Wii™ console. Now, for the ROCK BAND™(rock, baby!):-

Eventually, there's only one ROCK BAND™ game, same as Wii™, but this one has a lot of instrument and it's complete set! Unlike UNI ARCADE FUNLAND, where you should tap the buttons, but not playing the guitar. In here, you can either playing a guitar, a drum or even singing. But sorry, I don;t know how to sing. Maybe because I'm not a singer. xD

A closer-view.

Note that these 2 huge blank walls are NOT a TV. 'Cause a lot of people are kinda mistaken that it's a TV. These 2 walls are using a projectile, which you can see it here below:-

See what I mean?

That's for the ROCK BAND™. Last BUT least, a reception desk:-

Here we see a normal computer, a phone book, a flyers, and some personal belonging things, too.

At the back of the desk, we see a shelf that is full of games (including one of my favorite game of all times... METAL GEAR SOLID 4). But not only games, but controllers, too. Wow, just how many controllers you can count from here? Must've been more than 5. o.O

A closer-view of the shelf. Oh wait, there's a note above the games. Let's see what it says...

"OPEN:- 10 AM - 10 PM"
"BREAK:- 6 PM - 7 PM"

Oh, okay. Well atleast that I know something, now I know when they will open the cafe.

On the left side of both the reception desk and the shelf, we see some drinks here. Not much, actually, but hey, atleast there's a water there. There'll be no probs. And a coke, too. (Mmm... Coke!)

That's for the reception desk and some other stuff that is near to the desk. LAST but NOT LEAST, the players:-

The guy who wears the yellow shirt is Iman and the black hood guy is Adli. (peace, yo!)
And I don't know who's the rest of the guy 'cause they didn't saw my camera, so I'm sorry to the people who currently reading this. I'll promise I'll write their names if they have a chance to see me again. (Don't worry, I'll be there everyday 'cause the shop's not far from my mom's shop. :D )

Oh yeah, note that the shop opens at... well let me do this for you so that you guys can write down in your piece of paper or your mobiles:-

MON - SAT:- 10 AM- 10 PM
FRI:- 2 PM - 10 PM

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy reading it, I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)