SLFV10 - The Results

I know you guys are tired and some people are too lazy to enter the contest 'cause this is the last SLFV, and there will be no more.

I just visit SHEWSBURY LAND blog recently just to know the result...

And guess who's win?


Yes! ME! You heard that right! lol~
Okay, I don't wanna go overjoy just because I won in the 1st place.... -_-"

I won the contest in the 1st place, and the prize? Well, you can read it on his blog and see what my prize is.

The competition that I joined is the "DiGiRAMA Contest". And man, this is my first time entering the final competition. (Like Snake always came late when it comes to the mission and said... "Kept you waiting, huh?")

And if you wanna see my DiGi, you can go here:-

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are relaxing this weekend, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!! (Well, sorta...)


kira said...

Congratz!! :D

OptimisticPenguin said...

Congrats on winning the SLFV10 :D I liked your comic was amusing :P

Have a Happy New Year!!!