HOT TOYS Albert Wesker ~Midnight Version~ Review/Sheva Alomar Review

Even though I'm still sick, but atleast I can still making a post. lol~

Alright! This is it! ALBERT WESKER from RE5!!!

But the only bad news is, my phone's broken, and I can't even took a photo of it... I'd better buy a camera, this time. A nice, 1920x1080p, at least.
But for now, let's just say, there's someone making a review of the figure, and I think you should take a look at this:-

Also, I know I haven't owned Sheva Alomar yet, but I'll maybe getting her soon. The review's also made by the same person who made a review about Albert Wesker, and the link's all here:-

To Taga, you can read the review here if you haven't read any reviews about Sheva Alomar yet.

And that's all for today's post! I hope you guys are enjoy reading the figure reviews and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)


kira said...

Can't wait for some pics bro! and i my HT's just arrived today! yay heheh wait for my post :)