Playing with My Webcam

It's been for a while I haven't play with my webcam since 2008.

I bought this webcam in 2007, and then using it as my video chat. Then, I leave it and haven't touch it since then. Now, I have some spare time to play around with it.

Here's a couple of images that I took:-

This is Wesker's RE5 box art.

You know, I should've use this webcam EARLIER after my phone's broken. Man, why am I that kinda slow? I must've been gettin' old lately... -_-"

And this is the current figure I own a few days ago.

And this is my NEXT wishlist...

Sheva Alomar...

I'll be getting Chris Redfield after I get Sheva Alomar.

Starting right here, I try to use this "focus" thing to see if I can focus something "too near".
Here's a few shots:-

A tan-colored P90.

An MP5.

A closer look at the side of the MP5.

A closer look to Hydra Shotgun. In here, I only focused on the wood, so that you can see the "textures" of the wood.

This is the most hardest part since the mobile is TOO FREAKIN' SMALL.
My hand's always shaky, and I couldn't get the perfect shot. So I have to take it from above.

And this is where I play with my Wesker.

Wesker holding both Desert Eagle and a customed Beretta M9F.

Wesker in "ready" postion.

"Let's rock, baby!"

This is where I reduced the cam's brightness and make it even darker.

Wesker taking of his glasses.

Wesker uses his "cat" eyes. Note that you can still see the background.

A closer look of Wesker using his "cat" eyes.

Don't why it's called "cat's eyes"... Maybe because his eyes DOES look like cats.

Wesker: *meows*
Munir(me): Hmph. Figures... ¬_¬

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy seeing the images, and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)


kira said...

woOo~ nice wesker!!i love him esp the eyes! any chance of getting the STARS ver? more weapons! heheh or maybe Chris STARS? Gatling gun!