Vincent vs. Squall Series - by raiyneofgailin

Hey, guys! How are ya feelin' today? I hope you feeling a bit "fresh" today from watching "The Fuccons" below. xD

So, what's today's post? It is something special for all you FF fans and some toy collectors like me. Today, I like to introduce you....

Vincent vs. Squall Series - by raiyneofgailin

It's funny and it's AWESOME, I tell ya! I can't stop laughing where there's this one episode where almost all of them got hit by THOR. And I like how Sephiroth screams when he got hit by him. xD

So here's a few episodes that I can post here:- (you can watch the other episodes here)

Episode 1

raiyne's Description:-
What happens when you leave ff action figures lying around? Vincent and Squall duke it out.

Practice for animating objects with flash...

My Description:-
This is raiyne's first stop-motion animation test using Flash on late November, '06, so PLEASE do not say anything bad about it, okay?

Episode 2

raiyne's Description:-
Another video of randomness. There will prolly be a million of these before we're done... But we really need a new action figure!

My Description:-
Now this is her second vid. Another test, I think, but this is the first episode that has a storyline.

Episode 3

raiyne's Description:-
Three in the series. Got some new toys for xmas! ^^ Yay! And yes... Auron is drunk.

My Description:-
This is her third vid and this is where it all starts. And this is where V. vs. S. series are getting better.

Note: This is my final descriptions for all of the vids above, so NO MORE DESCRIPTIONS this time! You can only read raiyne's descriptions instead. So, enjoy! :D

Episode 4

raiyne's Description:-
Number 4 of our little insane series. Who knows how many there will be...

And i know the audio starts to lag near the end, but i don't feel like fixing it right now..

Episode 5

raiyne's Description:-
Hope the lag is gone..

And that's all for Vincent vs. Series Series made by raiyneofgailin.
Oh, if you wanna meet her, hit 'er up at either her dA account or her YT account.

And that's all for today's spot, I hope you guys are enjoy watching the series, and I'll see you guys sooner or later. ;)