"Kitbashing" Sheva Alomar - Day 3/Final Day

Hey, guys! Sorry for a long absence, I just got myself busy setting something up at The Mall (expo, mind you) and it was kinda exhausted though.

And the expo will be start by tomorrow, so if you guys wanna see some toys, foods, medicines, etc., etc., you can go visit at The Mall by tomorrow, starting 10 AM. It's not a big expo, it's just an ordinary expo, but I can feel that there'll be a LOT of PEOPLE comin' to Mall starting by tomorrow! :)

Finally... The day has come... For her FINAL DAY of "KITBASHING".... ('cause I end up selling her to Taga , so there's no big deal.)

Tell you the truth, I actually have no mood to kitbash her, don't know why. Instead, I'd rather kitbashed either Wesker or Snake. Maybe because she got this rubber body of hers which can't pose EVEN A SINGLE ONE.

And here's the images, as usual:

Sheva in her final outfit.

Yeap, she wears a yellow hood jacket, same as those 2 guys, but sadly, the size are too big for her...

Sheva pointing a gun with a sideway. Gangsta style! xD

You could tell that she's holding the same M1911A1 pistol instead of the Glock 18 or 19 or whatever the name is.

A side-angled view.

And that's all for today's post, I hope you guys are enjoy watching her last day of "kitbashing", and I'll see you guys sooner or later in the next post. ;)


tagashie said...

hi munir.. thanks for selling me ur sheva.. u 'r right payah kan buat pose.. tapi I'm very happy to have her in my collection.. murah gila lagi tu ko jual ah.. k nanti ku post arah my blog.. thanks bro.. mun ada lagi yang satu atu.. sound2 arah ku ah.. k thanks again...